How can we truly achieve world peace


As i am sure everyone is, i am for world peace. World peace is a common dream that we all share, it’s that magazine on the top shelf that we can’t reach, however. How can we reach it?

In my not so humble opinion, and this will strike a form of controversy, i think to ensure world peace, we must eliminate religious differences.How many problems have been caused by religion in the past? In order to make the first steps to peace, we must overcome religion differences, somehow. It would be easy to eliminate a religion, but that would be fascism, and that’s not really a good way to overcome differences.It would be a wise move to promote Atheism, but culture and all that.

We need to combat racism, we need to eliminate racists.We need to ensure that their message is not shared.And we need to promote respect for all cultures, so we can have respect for our own.

Another measure we need to take is to establish democracy. Dictatorships are only good for the people in charge, and we must help those who wish for the system of tyranny crumble.Not specifically going into the country and taking over, no. Provide the rebels with weaponry and ammunition and help establish a free army (which is my solution for Syria).We can help other countries with their issues together, help make a working government,help in their independence, provide them with money to rebuild etc.

Our final step is to make sure all countries don’t merge into one. If two or 3 countries want to merge, that’s fine.But say the EU and the US merged, this would be wrong. I can see the benefits of a one world government, but who can ensure a country get’s their fair say in a one world government, where would the capital city be? things like that could lead to violence and war, so we need to ensure independence for safety.

Once peace is restored, we can get rid of weapons, armies, tanks etc. This is just an idea, if anyone is offended, then tough luck.

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