Corona Aurora, or How I learned to Live with Coronavirus


This post isn’t for today. It talks about the strange times we are living in, as they are happening, but this isn’t a post that I wrote for people to read now. As of April 2020, the Coronavirus outbreak is still ongoing. We are all self-isolating. This is what life is like now.

My Livelihood and Coronavirus

It’s been almost three weeks since self-isolation from the Coronavirus pandemic had started, though I had been in self isolation since the Friday before. It was announced on the Wednesday of that week that schools were going to be closed. At this point, I was in Liverpool, buying some Mother’s Day gifts. I was sitting down to have some food when I heard the news, and my immediate reaction: Well shit. I’m jobless.

The week before, I worked on a long-term Teaching Assistant assignment in a school (which I enjoy working in), but that was cancelled the Friday before. I worked on the Tuesday and Thursday of that week, and at that point, a lot of kids weren’t in school. There was a class I team taught with 4 students in. Admittedly, this was a class of 10, but it was eerie.

Fortunately, I have been furloughed, at least by one of my agencies, so I am able to get some money during this period of time. I did consider signing up for universal credit, at least for the time being, though that’s neither here nor there.

My Family and Friends

I have been in isolation since the 20th March. In short, it hasn’t been easy. The effect on your psyche is something that didn’t go too well with me. Firstly, having the restriction on your freedom to move. It is necessary, and it is hard as well. Also, there is extraordinarily little morale boosters to look to.

The first week of this was perhaps the hardest. I’m continuously getting angry with people, for no good reason. My birthday has been cancelled. This upsets me greatly. In short, want to see my girlfriend, and I’d like to go out and celebrate. Coronavirus has done this to a lot of people. My baby cousin has not seen her extended family for her 2nd Birthday, which sucks. We still have her gifts here.

The worst thing is missing Katie, my girlfriend. Simply put, we can’t see each other. We’re only talking via Facebook video and text chat, and it has caused some strain. Though I try not to outwardly show it to her, I am heartbroken. I really do miss her, and I miss going out to see her. Hearing her cry about it makes me cry. I’ve cried a lot too, in private.

My Home and Coronavirus

Life in the house has changed, but not by much. In a sense, this feels like an extended Sunday. My brother, not being in school, is constantly here. The parents are still working, however. We started off by playing board games in order to help cope, and that helped for the first week, though since then we’ve not been doing that. The one thing that I’ve been doing a lot of during this time has actually been walking and making bread.

The latter, in particular, I used to do a lot when I was a little boy, with my Grandparents. We even have my Grandad’s old bread machine (that was originally ours, until his broke), meaning that I am just continuing to do what I did. But I can at least measure the ingredients properly. I’ve mostly been walking in the woods behind my house, but that has let me get a few good pictures:

Conclusion on Coronavirus

So this is my Corona Aurora. A strange time indeed, my friends. Will it end? Obviously. If you want my honest opinion, coronavirus has probably helped us realise the simple things of life. I think it made us appreciate the things we probably take for granted. I know for sure that I am not going to take things for granted anymore.

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