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I’m feeling rather rough, to be honest with you. My brother, my mother and myself have been struck with various illnesses, I have a bad tummy, my mum has a cold, and Sam has had it all, and more!

But I will persevere, there’s only 4 days of school before the Easter holidays, and I am going to quit Prefecting soon, handing the job over to the younger and less experienced Year 10’s. This is the subject of the blog.

I started Prefecting around April/May in 2012, there was a simple structuring to it, because there was so many, we had two separate week’s of Prefecting teams, I was week one forĀ  the second half of Lunch.I had to miss my training though, due to illness at the time. but It was pretty simple.Kick out the younger ones, and don’t use force.

I was based with a team of girls, while the other team of lads were on first half.Things soon got messed up when the girls stopped turning up to their jobs. At that point, we were swamped with Year 9’s getting into the building all the time, pushing us that remained, and using physical violence. It wasn’t like those girls were much help anyway, they just let these boys in, and never bothered to help (AndĀ  hope that they’re reading this post, because they know who they are).

I tried getting help (As I was a senior Prefect by that point) but that plan failed. I did speak to my superiors (Head boy and Head of Year) but they couldn’t do much,so I gave up getting help. Soon, the first half team, who consist of a few close friends of mine, and other people, merged together.Things were still hard, but together we pulled through.Some days there were a little as 3 of us, and some times there were 10.But we managed.

Eventually, we started letting non prefects into help, Originally I was against the idea, as one of the lads and I were not friends (He actually kicked me in the stomach once), and also they weren’t supposed to be in the block I was based in. But eventually I started to get on with him, and now I see him as a pretty decent guy who I am sorry for misjudging. The year 9’s, however are still idiots, who I vow never to forgive.

Overtime, we became a stable team, despite our lack of man power at the beginning, one month we could barely stop one year nine boy get in, and now we can stop dozens of them. It’s interesting to note, that all the Prefect of the month awards were given to people based on our block, on our shift.This shows our team to be pretty good.

Now, the Year ten’s are getting ready to take over from us, and initially, I had no hope for them, saying to a team member ‘I give them a day or 2, a week at the most’. But now I’ve seen them, and they don’t seem to be that bad, though I do still have some doubts over one or two of them.They appear to be generally a stable team, who I wish will work together over their year of monitoring the hall.I wish them goodluck.

But, to myself, Mr MacGlashan, Maskell, J, Cal art, Connie, Boomy, Gilly, Jordan, Harrison and Tate, as well as the entire Week 2 team, we did a bang up job, despite our problems, and we’re done!

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