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What happens when a certain blogger has time on his hands, and he decides the best way to waste it is to do an internet and see what he finds? He signs up to a font building website, builds a font, and blogs about it.

The font I designed is called Mono 3. There’s no real reason as to why I called it that. The original plan was for it to be big blocky letters, but making them spiky just looked a whole lot cooler, at least in my opinions. I spent hours on and off making these, and I am proud of them. I designed all the letters from A-Z, the numbers, and all the punctuation. What I love about it most is the fact that I made it.

The font certainly isn’t perfect, and some letters aren’t as I envisaged, the numbers are roman numerals, and only go up to 9, so that makes typing numbers a bit hard. And there’s no # or @ signs. But as far as I am concerned, it was a good timewaster. I suppose that being designed to be cool means that it truly is a case of form over function. Its design is its main feature, rather than usability. And to be fair to me, I am a novice, and this was literally the first font I made. So as far as I am concerned, it’s bloody awesome.

The letters K, R, and W I am very proud of, as they came out looking the most badass out of the lot. And the comma I designed looks pretty rad too. I was going for something that looks like it came out of a nightclub from the 2300’s. Something postmodern, neoclassical (hence the usage of the roman numerals), and something that you’d see in the background of a film like Bladerunner, where the words don’t even matter, they just look cool when typed out.

I cannot say I want to make a career out of designing fonts to be honest. I am a History with Politics student first, and a digital calligraphy designer second. A very distant second at that. No, third. I write too. I forgot that. But I wouldn’t design these for a living. For personal use, then I most certainly would. I might even make a few more, but that remains to be seen.

So, how did I design it? I used a site called Fontstruct.com. I should note that while I am not paid to promote them, it would be nice. But basically, anyone can design and publish fonts, and can even make some money off it if they want, I assume. I’m not planning on doing that. But if you are interested in that, I have linked the website for your personal enjoyment. For now though, I’m going to type out rude words and see how badass they look in the font I made. Oh, and you can download it too.

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