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Because i am bored, i thought i might share a bit of trivia about myself.I am really bored so here is something to write for you.

1. I don’t Drink, or Smoke or use Drugs (Except for Caffeine): I know im a teenager, so i should be getting down with the cool crowd, but i see no glamour in drinking, or smoking, or getting high.I’ll stick to getting highs off my friends and good ol’ legal caffeine.

2. If i have an opinion, i will share it: If i think you’re stupid, i will tell you, if i disagree with you (even if my views are wrong) I will tell you because lets face it, some people need a kick up the backside.

3. I think modern music is terrible, don’t are about corporations or that, it seems to be that no one is trying, If i had a pretty face, a few mates and a computer, i could start a boyband called JK 101. No one is trying.

4. Stem Cell research is good, If it cures things, i’d support it.

5. The world no longer works in Religion’s favour, In this age of┬ásecularisation, Religion cannot function.I don’t see poit in old beliefs, i think progress all the way, even at the cost of religion.

6. Rap has a capital C at the start, end of discussion.

7. The political spectrum is a circle, Fascism and Communism are the same, so if they meet, it’s a circle.

8. ITV is rubbish, Game Shows and X Factor, what happened to regional TV. Oh wait, it’s dead.

9. Gay people are cool, let them get married, We live in a crazy world, you can be whatever you want without (much) discrimination, but they won’t let you marry because of the damn pope.

10. Father Christmas needs to be put back in fashion, Adults he is real, you killed our childhood you heartless creeps, and you make us see the truth.What did you want, thank you for the gifts? You don’t deserve a thank you.You killed Childhood, you damn dirty adults.

I might go to bed, Na night.

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