I’m Back, Where have I been?


Well, I am sorry to keep you waiting on part 3 of the Alice Cooper Track By Track. I honestly have very little to say about those albums. Also, I’ve been away for a while!

To tell you the truth, I’ve not been anywhere, I’ve just not been writing on the blog, because I  haven’t felt like writing. Is it burn out? Maybe. I’ve not really been short on ideas, but having been writing fairly regularly since this blog started in June 2012 (Yes, its our 6th anniversary) I guess that I needed to refuel my passion for writing again. If I kept writing throughout this hiatus, I can safely say that this blog would be rubbish. Quality over quantity, my friends.

You may know, I’ve finished University now, so I do have a lot of spare time in my hands. This has given me a lot of time to get back into doing things that I haven’t done for a long time, because I have been busy working on essays and revising for exams. I’ve finally watched the Blood and Ice Cream trilogy (Hot Fuzz is best, Shaun of The Dead was my least favourite), and Avengers Infinity War (That was good). I have been reading different books that have nothing to do with East Germany, and I have finally gotten around to renewing my passport. So yeah, life is good.

In more serious stuff, I have begun applying for jobs, and not just because my parents want to get rid of me. I wasn’t able to get on my teaching course, so I am taking a gap year. Honestly, that’s the best thing to happen to me, as I feel I could use some real-life experience. They don’t teach you everything in a book.

That’s where I’ve been, and what I have been doing. Besides that, I’ve been doing the same old. What do I have planned for the future? Well, to put it simply:

  1. Gorillaz new album review (with an update to my track by track on Gorillaz)
  2. I will begin working on a new blog for students (more on that another time)
  3. More poetry, reviews, and some other stuff.
  4. Posting my full dissertation, on East German Ostalgie
  5. A Fortnite post, which will be my next post after this one.

So, in short, I am back and I have a few things in the pipeline. Sorry about the gap in posts.

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