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This is a quick post to discuss an announcement that I have. I have created a second blog, and it is called A Bright Shot!

In a number of my posts, I have shared some of my photography to illustrate some of the things I have done that I have wanted to write about. My post on the Terracotta Soldiers is an example of this. I originally had planned to make my photography posts a regular feature on this blog, under its own category, or under its own page on this blog. Obviously, I have not done this.

While I could, and would eventually like to, have a dedicated photography section on this website, having photography on a blog which is mainly about me sharing my opinions and thoughts on current affairs seemed like it went against what this blog is about. So, for now, I have a new website, here on WordPress.

The website is very different from If you ask me. Besides the name, the new website gives priority to visual content over written content. As such, I am going to be doing a lot less writing on this blog, except for sharing information about when and where the photos were taken, and what camera I used to take them. I am going to be digging into my archives, so that is important to share.

The website is split into three columns, of sorts. The first column shares information about the latest blog post, including publishing date, category, and tags. The second column features the actual image, and the blog post title, should I put one there. You can click on the title to see larger versions of the image I share. The third, and final, column features the navigation menu, which only has three pages on it at the moment, one of which you can book me to take photos at your events. Below that is my favourite feature. The Snapshots section is linked to my Instagram, and updates everytime I upload a picture onto that site.

The new blog only has a few pictures on it, and I plan on updating it regularly, so it is certainly worth checking it out. I am not expecting it to be as big or as popular as If you ask me, but I hope that my readers will like to see me do some other stuff.

A Bright Shot

A Bright Shot Facebook Page

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