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Today, as of writing this, is the 9th of December. And yes, Christmas is a comin. That great holiday of goodwill to all men, gifts, food, and other stuff. Only trouble is, it don’t feel much like Christmas.

I can attribute this to multiple things. The weather certainly isn’t very wintry at the moment. I say this as today, the temperature was 14, yes 14, degrees celsius. That is not winter. Heck, that’s early to mid-Autumn weather. And while we had a cold snap in late November, it is seemingly vanished for now. The clouds were a muggy grey, and it was raining. Ho Ho Ho. I also feel that this year there is this sense of doom in society. What with the year we’ve all had to endure, personally and publicly (And prepare for my year review soon), I feel like there is no sense of celebration. It feels more like commiseration. There seems to be very little joy in Christmas this year, and more a sense of ‘This is the last month of 2016 and Christmas is coming up as well’. I feel a lack of joy.

Heck, my Grandad’s house isn’t even decorated, besides hanging up the Christmas cards. And I suppose that is what I am going to talk about. It seems that increasingly people are getting prepared for Christmas a bit early. I say a bit, very early. The BBC already has their special Christmas idents on, and I don’t know when that happened, but I saw it. Guys, I know we’re over a week into December at this point, but guys, there’s a whole 3 and a bit weeks until Christmas, build that stuff up. I’ve seen trees, lights, ads, decorations, all this already. In some cases, I have seen it in Mid November! When is it the right time to talk about Christmas?

Well, one must consider the following. Gifts do need to be bought, and that does take planning. You need to get your tree (Be it real or fake), plan the meals, cooking rota, wrapping, inviting guests, buy the Radio Times (Because buying any other TV Guide magazine is frankly wrong). Businesses need to promote their deals, and show off what i s in stock. This I all understand. But October and November?! Really?!!

It seems like the earlier you put these things up, the less you actually want to get invested in the holiday. I saw an H&M advert on TV recently while watching Humans (Great show, watch it), and the advert played, and then it cut to a cinema, with actors proclaiming that they’re now in the mood for Christmas. Guys, It isn’t Christmas yet!

The only real excuse I can give is to businesses that close over Christmas, or to people in University. Alright, I get that you won’t be in Uni for Christmas (Most of you anyway), and if you’re putting the tree up early, then alright, I will give you that. But is there any excuse for anyone else? Trees and Decorations, I feel, should go up 10 days before Christmas, at the earliest. The 15th of December. Think about it, you build it up for 15 days with your advent calender, your tree goes up, its up for a few days, gets the spirit of the holiday pumping, and you’re not already sick of it yet. That’s how Christmas should work.

TV logos should do the same, but they should change them on Christmas Eve Eve, and last until the 2nd of January. TV, you can start putting christmas ads, as in adverts DEPICTING CHRISTMAS ICONOGRAPHY, from the 1st of December. That’s how it should work, it makes sense, and if done right it is like a countdown!

In short, I do feel planning for Christmas can be done early, but decking the halls with holly is best left until later on. At least that is how I feel. Keep the decorations up as long as you wish, do the full 12 days of Christmas if you like, but stop killing Christmas this early on. Thanks.


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