It’s their business, not ours!


Well, the big story of January 2013 is Justin Bieber and his apparent use of an illegal substance (it’s a picture, it could easily be photoshopped, and also, i think the fans slitting their wrists is fake! No one is THAT stupid, but if a Bieber fan proves me wrong and shows me their wounds, then you are messed up! (also, there is evidence that cutting for Bieber is actually a prank, a stupid prank I must say) ) and I think in light of this, I would like to talk about gossip in general.

It is their business, not ours.

In the words of the ‘Leave Britany Alone’ man ‘they’re human beings’.People see these people as role models, someone to base their lives on and use to make themselves better, and I am not against that.What bugs me is that when a celebrity makes a mistake, fans go insane, threaten to kill themselves, mass hysteria, and other things like that.These people made mistakes, everyone does, don’t hate on someone for their mistakes.

Also, these people’s mistakes are their mistakes and it is for the celebrity to sort out themselves.I understand how gossip magazines sell these stories so they can make money, but think about it.Stories being written about you, everyone knowing, you lose fans. friends and your career could potentially go down the drain.It’s not for us to judge people based on their personal troubles.

Anyway, thank you for reading.I will have more soon, and girls, he made a mistake.If you choose to kill yourselves, get help.

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