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Hello Interwebbers, I am writing this blog entry to discuss an issue that I have already talked about in a  previous entry.The issue that I am talking about is the Tablet situation I’ve had for a while.

As you may have read in my blog entry ‘Tablets, but not the medical kind’ from 29th of January 2013, I expressed my interest in purchasing a Tablet computer, but I had problems with which one I was going to buy. Originally I was going to go with the Ipad mini, but I decided to look at  others, and here were my findings on each of the main contenders:

  • Nexus 7: It has more memory than the cheapest Ipad (32GB for the Nexus, 16GB for the cheapest Ipad Mini) for less money (£199, compared to Apples £269), one camera (which I don’t really need)
  • Galaxy Tab: more expensive than Ipad, with the cheapest around £279, but can put more memory in with SD cards, which I do like.
  • Ipad Mini: I have actually used Ipads before, they seem to be pretty reliable,easy to use but quite expensive, the accessories are also too dear, and everyone buys Ipads.
  • Kindle Fire: It is small, and the cheapest,maybe too small and shares similar problems with apple and the App store.
  • Surface: Too expensive.Simple.

I said at the end of the blog that ‘I have narrowed it down to the Ipad Mini and the Nexus’ and I was going to decide which one I was going to get later on.It is now later on, and I have made my decision: The Nexus 7.

I decided this after I used each and every tablet on my list, trying each of them out in various tech aisles in supermarkets, and I found that the Nexus 7 was the best option for me.I also watched and read various reviews, and I believe that the Nexus 7 is the best option for me.Here are my reasons:

  • It’s google, I have a google account already so that’s useful
  • It’s got 32GB of storage, and that I can get for £200.I can get a 16GB Ipad mini for £269.Of course I am going for a cheaper option.
  • I have used the Android OS before, and it is better than IOS, or the Blackberry OS
  • It’s small.
  • It also is for the things I will be using it for (Social networking, browsing and gaming)

That’s my decision, Google wins.Congratulations Google, have a cookie.Goodbye.



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  • Also, they’ve just released a Nexus 7 with 3G capability. It’s £239 and I am not interested in it, as a Mobile phone should be used for calling, and texting.

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