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So, this is an unplanned one, I’d like to discuss a thing which has recently come to light. That is the reveal of which member of the Griffin family would be killed off. And this turned out to be Brian, the dog.

I have watched Family guy since late 2011. I like the dark humour. Brian Griffin was the anthromorphic dog. A writer and an Alcoholic dog, most of his stories involved his writing, and his romantic pursuits, as well as his personal relationships with other characters. Usually, though, he was the foil of stewie griffin, taking part in the adventures of that character.

I have no problems with how the character died. Dignified and was not in anyway hillarious. I do have my problems with why he died. To me it seems that the character died just to boost ratings. Surely the writers could make more stories for this character. But on the other hand I suppose this character was getting stale. Most of brains stories about alcohol and writing as well as his relationship with Stewie and the females of the show.

they have at least replaced him though. I have never watched any episodes with this new dog, so I don’t know what this one will be like.  I am sure he will be a great addition to the show.  All I really have to say to the people who want brain back, you are not going to get him back. he is dead. get over it. I love brian as much is the next guy but let’s face it his character was getting stale and the show needed to change. Anyway late night for over, thank you for reading. Good night!

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