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For my mother’s fortieth birthday celebration, the family and i went to Ormskirk to meet my Granddad, Uncle and great uncle for a meal at The Left Bank Brasserie.A family owned restaurant in Ormskirk owned by 2 brothers. This restaurant gave me one of the most enjoyable restaurant experiences i have had. 

We arrived around 1pm, greeted by one of the brothers, shaking us warmly by the hand.We then went to our seats and met up with my family members.I had my usual Steak and Chips (a default meal i have at any restaurant) as did my dad, and the rest of my family had various other meals.

The food was delightful to my taste buds and filled me up.My only complaints were that the steak was a bit too pink for me, but it was still lovely and tender, and the portions were rather small, the latter did not bother me as much but to the people who prefer large portions, it would be a major complaint.

I had a two course meal,a main course and a dessert, for my dessert i had one of my favourites, Sticky Toffee pudding! The sticky toffee pudding i was served was the best i have had, ever.

The food had an artistic quality to it, the sauce on my pudding was patterned like trees and flowers, a small complementary scoop of ice cream with a strawberry and an assortment of sauces in different colours mixed together.I wish i could have taken a picture, but alas, I had no camera with me.

If i were to rate various aspects of the restaurant, it would be as follows:

Food: 9/10

Atmosphere: 10/10

Cleanliness: 9.5/10

 Overall: 9.5/10

This restaurant is worth a visit, on a quiet day you don’t have to wait long for your food, the service is friendly and the food is very appetizing.These are probably the reasons why the restaurant was Britain’s best loved restaurant for 2010 and 2011.If you’re hungry and in Ormskirk, go to the Left Bank.

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