LEGO MOVIE WEEK: Introduction and SET 1


I am no longer doing my Weekly Wednesday entries. I feel it was a good idea, but I don’t like just posting once a week, I have so much to get off my chest. But, I digress. Valentine’s day 2014 is the release day of the LEGO Movie, a film I look forward to seeing. So, in celebration, I will be sharing what I believe are the best LEGO sets I have ever owned. 1 everyday! The criteria is that I have to have owned them and also have fond memories of. So I start with the first set, my first ever Bionicle.

LEGO has released sets for the last 50 or so years. I first got LEGO from my Grandma at age 4 I believe. Didn’t even get baby LEGO, I got the real deal, because I was boss. This was the first set I remember building at my Grandparent’s house, with my uncle who did the fiddly bits, because four year olds, OK?

This was the first Bionicle I got. Bionicles were released in 2001, and new ones were made until 2009, and they had a really cool story behind them. It was nothing like LEGO had done before, essentially they were DIY action figure; we make pieces, you build ’em, you play ’em. They were collectible and they were the first line of LEGO products I regularly collected.

This model was Onua. Part of the good team, despite his colour scheme. I got him at a local Woolworths (god I miss Woolworths, that shop is now an Iceland. For shame, Iceland). He was fully articulated, and had a cool weapon, despite not being pictured with one. And compared to models I bought over the years, he was simple in comparison of the much more articulate Bionicles of the mid oughties, but it was that simplicity that got kids my age hooked. And as we grew older, we collected.

Onua. You will be fondly remembered by me. Best wishes,


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