We’re coming to the latter half of my LEGO Movie week series of posts to celebrate the release of the upcoming LEGO MOVIE!!! And the next 3 sets, I’d like to say, are 3 of my favourite sets to have ever had the joy of building. Today’s model is from, what I think, the most unique and original series of LEGO Products to ever be released. It is from a series called EXO-FORCE

If you don’t know what Exo-force was, allow me to give you a brief history of the series of models. In 2006, LEGO decided to create a new line of LEGO toys for slightly older boys, aged 8-14. Exo-Force is a theme inspired by stories from Japanese manga, anime, and tokusatsu. The theme and its sets are based around large combat mechs (known as Battle Machines) piloted by humans in a battle against the mechanized Devastators, Iron Drones and the Meca One, who themselves possess combat machinery of their own, for complete dominance of the mountain they live on, Sentai Mountain.   The theme lasted two and a half years, as it was introduced in spring 2006 and later discontinued in the summer of 2008.

This was a theme that I bought a lot of products from. But the model I will discuss today is probably the biggest LEGO Model I have ever built. The mobile Devastator.

So. What was so good about it? Well LOOK AT IT, ITS HUUUGE!!! It costed £60.00 and what you got was a lot for your money. At full height (as shown in the picture) It went up to 30cm, and was around 40 cm long. You also got 11 minifigures. 6 of these were Iron drones, 3 were Devastators and the last one was the rarest of them all, Mecha 1. You also got a giant Mecha suit and a Human Pilot. I loved owning this set, it was the biggest model I have ever assembled to that point, and it had a lot going for it. I really wish that LEGO made more of these, that would have been awesome!

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