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Trying something different today. I wish to talk about my life for this blog post. Because when I am not writing on my blog, I am living it. And also, it is an experiment. So let’s do it.

I woke up at 6:35am today, as I do most mornings. I tend to leave my house fairly early; around 7:40am, as I have to get the train and walk to the Sixth form. I was actually running late on this day (17/11/14), though I did manage to make it to college on time. So all was well in the end.

Today was a longer one than expected. The first part of that was my day at school. My first stop was the common room to socialise with friends. We usually sit at the same table by the radiator and the window in the bistro.  I am usually the first or second person there, depending on what day. I am usually joined by Hannah and Jordan, who were both in my lower school form. George, and Luke and Michael are also regulars at the table.

Then we had registration, before the first lesson of the day, Politics. Taught by Mr Binns, I am have him the most often out of all my teachers, now that I have my resit lessons (I’ll get into that). I enjoy politics, it isn’t necessarily my strongest subject, but I enjoy learning it, which is always a good thing.

I only had Politics for one hour, as it was ‘floating form’. A frankly stupid idea whereby lesson time is wasted in order to have an assembly or homework. Ideally, I would scrap this, and have a newsletter to tell me all the important dates and stuff, though with money cut from the budget, this isn’t really viable. However, today I spent the time efficiently, and did some work on UCAS.

If you don’t know what UCAS is (and if you’re not British, you most likely won’t) it is a website whereby teens in the United Kingdom (and other countries too) apply to British Universities. We are required to put all our grades on, personal details, as well as our personal statement; in which you basically boast about all your abilities and achievements which you have gained over your time in secondary education. It is rather time consuming, as you have word limits, you have to do a lot of drafts, and that takes time. The rest of the UCAS process is fairly simple though, it’s essentially filling in boxes with details.

After that, it was break time, which was followed by History. I have 2 teachers for History, Miss Bruce who teaches Russia, and Mr Proctor who teaches Germany. I enjoy this subject, as it is the one I am doing in University (when I get in).I had lunch, then another History lesson (the two lessons are split by lunch), then I had more Politics. I used to be in 4 hours on Monday, this is now 5 hours, as I have started my resit lessons for AS Politics. I found the lesson highly enjoyable, as I recalled most of the knowledge stuff. This boosted my confidence somewhat today, especially after reading over my UCAS stuff.

After this, I got the train to go back to Whiston, where I live. I had a dentist appointment, so I walked straight from the station, to the Health centre, which is only 10 minutes away. I always feel a slight hint of dread in going to the Dentist, which I really shouldn’t feel. Having been going there on a bi-annual basis for some time now, with a great Dentist, I shouldn’t fear the dentist. But I do. Childhood fairytales of the horrors at the Dentist are exaggerated and silly. How I resent those people. As per usual, you had young school children waiting for their appointments, some elderly people waiting, and lots of people wlaking past you. Lots and lots of people. Very mind numbing, when you have no one to speak to. Unusually, it was busy at my Dentist’s practise, as he was uncharacteristically behind schedule. I’d be annoyed, but I really had nothing to do today at that time, and let’s face it, we’ve all had days like that.

I finally had my appointment, after a half hour delay, and I was literally there five minuted. They gave me a clean up and fluoride paste, and I was sent home with an appointment for May. I felt like I waited for nothing! Though, as we all know,  a clean bill of health isn’t nothing. I then walked home, in the dark, alone, in Whiston, and here I am.

So, how was your day?

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