So, we’re currently in September, and I’ve not been so active these last few months, so I thought I’d throw a life update to you guys, because I don’t really do them, and I decided I might as well.

Part of the reason I’ve been less active is the fact that I’m preparing to go to University. I got accepted into Edge Hill in August, after applying for Liverpool as my first choice. I admittedly was disappointed with not getting in, as I had started to make friends there (many of whom were accepted), but I’ve come to terms with Edge Hill now. I’ve made many new friends, and unlike the Liverpool crew, they are all doing my course, of History, though some of them are doing other subjects alongside, like I am. I’m going to start on the 21st of September, doing a History and Politics course.

I think goin to Edge Hill is going to be better for me. If I went to Liverpool, I’d be getting the train EVERYDAY. It’ll also be harder to socialise in Liverpool, as I’d still live at home. In Edge Hill, I’ll be living directly in Ormskirk, with my Granddad and Uncle. I also know Ormskirk very well, as I’ve been going for years. I hope I’ll be a useful asset to outsiders with my knowledge.

Another reason for my lack of posting has been my computer. For 2 years, I’ve used my Acer Revo RL80, which was a nifty nettop computer, attached to the back of my computer. The problem is, though. Since I upgraded to Windows 10, things have been awful. The computer started not booting up after logging on, and I had to reset it, going back to factory defaults. It happened again, and I am still having issues. It may be due to dust, like a overheating issue, but I am unsure. I had to get a laptop for university, which is the device I am using now! My Lenovo thinkpad. I got it today, actually (11/09/15), and it works. It works quite well, actually. And my new sony headphones for when Im listening to music are brilliant. crisp sound, and noise cancelling.

There’s an interesting tidbit about the Laptop. I had a meeting with a group called ATOP, about my needs for University. It turns out that this machine isn’t good enough, as the specs don’t score high enough. So, I may get another Laptop, with software, for a reduced price.

So, that’s me in a nutshell. I only have one more week off before I start, and I’ll be starting University. Its all coming up Ben!

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