Looking back: Countdown to Christmas 2012 and Final Countdown to 2013


Well, happy new year.I wouldn’t really call it new seeing how It’s been 5 days since new year’s day so it’s not really a new or old year, it’s the present.Today it’s the end of Christmas (following the 12 days of christmas, which is a thang).So I think that today we will look back on the thing that was ‘Countdown to Christmas 2012’ and ‘Final Countdown to 2013’.

The first blog post I wrote for this project was actually the full album review, in October.I finished it on November 29th and I was going to do this thing anyway, so I thought ‘I think I will wait ’til Christmas day to finally post this blog which I have been perfecting for over a month now’.

The main reason I did the countdown was for making ‘If you ask me…’ look more established in the eyes of the people.Before CTC/FCT2013 I had around 47 posts, and with a few extras and the countdown series and this one, we have got 82.More reasons for blogging everyday in December included people getting to know me more, talk more about my opinions and myself, and to say thanks for reading my blog for the past 7-8 months.

Looking back on it, there were some posts I did differently or didn’t do at all, the first one about AIDS, the quotes, some of the lists, the HO OH NO post, and for those who reckon I missed a post, blame WordPress, which I said in that same post.

The posts I do like, however were the ones about different cultures, the one about consumerism and I thought that (even though it technically wasn’t a post for the project) the snowman and the snowdog one was good, as re-reading it brought back some memories.

SO, all in all, Countdown to Christmas 2012 and final countdown to 2013 were really good, despite certain flaws.If I was to one for Christmas 2013 I would probably talk about other cultures and traditions.But, it’s done now, and I managed to do extra posts on a month I would only have made 5 posts in.

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