Losing Control- A Poem


I’ve written a poem that I want to share with you today. It’s called Losing Control. Losing Control is a poem that I wrote that sums up my feelings about the lockdown, and how I am dealing with the events that are going on.

Losing Control

Floating in the ether,

Stuck inside a cloud,

The Ivory Tower looms over earth.

And I’m stuck watching you from the top.

Remember the days?

When yesterday was simple?

I do. I remember you.

Singing songs and loving long into the night-time.

And today we’re locked up,

Things are not the same,

This is a difficult age.

And the cracks have formed deep in the core.

I’m losing control of my senses,

Losing your scent on my pillow.

And as days go by, I wonder and try,

To make the rain in my eyes turn to sun.

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