Man of the Mersey


In the time before I, lived a sailor all knew.

They called him the Man of the Mersey.

A creature made of Liverpudlian design,

Born to a Mother and a Man gone adrift.


He sailed the seas, from this quaint little town

And he drank loads of rum on his boat.

He travelled the world, brought his home where he went

Bringing Liverpool to all that he met.


The man was unkempt, with a grey bushy beard

And a smell of old vomit and fine wine.

His stained yellow jumper, and his big blue coat,

Made him a legend to all.


He was loved by the people, worshipped by all

A hero to those that he knew.

But all that would end, one faithful day,

Seemingly our hero would fall.


His body was lost to the sea which he loved

As he sailed to catch fish, for the poor children  he knew.

As the ship was found empty, and the people stood

All nod in respect to the Man of the Mersey


‘The Man of the Mersey was a man amongst men’

All would say in respect, as they bowed their heads

The children would cry, their Mothers would sigh.

And the men would drink in his honour.


As the city evolved, and his friends went and died

The city forgot of this man.

The town the man lived in dissolved into past,

And the memory of him fades.


Rancid slums all pulled down and gone

Replaced with the shops and the bars,

High rise flats adorn the new city.

Liverpool has come so far.


We know not his name,

The Man lost in time

He is dead

Fed to sharks and the sea and the squids


Though the Man of the Mersey’s spirit remains

In his city that he was born he remains.

A ghost of a past that is forgotten to most,

I salute you, the Man of the Mersey.

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Since 2012, Benjamin Attwood has written for the If you Ask Ben blog.

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