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I will not deny it, my taste in music isn’t normal. But i am glad ┬áthat it isn’t because it proves that i am not a machine listening to what media wants us to. This post is about my music tastes.

Since my birth, my Dad has loved Faith No More, KORN, Limp Bizkit and that was what provided some of my earlier listening materials.My Grandad got me into the Beatles and Queen, My Grandma (on my mother’s side) got me into ABBA, as did my mother, My mum also got me listening to Pet Shop Boys and Take that.When i was about 3 as well, i was listening to the Gorillaz (for those unaware, Blur’s Damon Albarn’s virtual cartoon band) and i still listen to these bands today

Since i was about 10, i knew i didn’t like modern music, from listening to modern music on Radio 1, they just all sounded the same, that bland, pop music, all of it sending out the same messages.I was at that point beginning to listen to older music, 80’s stuff, Beatles, Queen, ABBA.And that was that for 3 years.

My Uncle probably has got me to listen to many different musicians, some i didn’t like (Half man Half Biscuit aren’t good), others that i have grown to love, Laibach, Kraftwerk, The Bonzo dog doo dah band.

Some stuff i found myself, Rammstein, Chameleon Circuit, Alex Day, Charlie Mcdonnell, Tom Milsom and bits off 80’s music.

Some music i love that are modern, i haven’t completely left it, include Scissor Sisters, Muse, Lady Ga Ga, some Coldplay and stuff like that.

My hatred of Music made by the media has intensified somewhat in recent year, with shows like X Factor and American Idol. Some of them are half decent, but the ‘drama’ makes me turn off.I like The Voice UK though, they ARE good, for modern music.

So those are some of my favourite bands and singers, also i like Aftershock and The Dispute, Matthew hi if you’re reading.

I’ll be writing soon, Bye.

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