MUSIC REVIEW: El Mañana GORILLAZ. Click on the red text to listen.


MUSIC REVIEW: El Mañana GORILLAZ. Click on the red text to listen.

Im doing a lot of Gorillaz music reviews, buts that’s just how i roll.I will do other worthy songs soon.

This song is called El mañana, spanish readers and those with an adequete understanding of the language know that it means ‘the morning’ but as we soon find out from the song it is about Mourning.

The lyrics are very meaningful and are sung with real emotion from the singer, in his ‘2D’ persona, and the sounds lack any real percussion, mostly a keyboardy piece, and lyrics. I suspect an electric drum kit was used.

As for the video, it sees the apparent death of the character ‘Noodle’ on a floating island taken down by two helicopters.Though you don’t see her die, the island’s crash onto land makes it look like no one survives.

I advise that this video is watched  before ‘On Melancholy hill’ (and you’ll see why) and it isn’t because one song is better. This song gets ****stars because of the meaningfulness and nice sounds, but if you’re on a downer i wouldn’t recommend listening to it. but if you do then listen to On Melancholy hill as it is more upbeat.

More reviews soon

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