My Blog has FOLLOWERS?!


Sort of an unplanned one, but it seems that I have a few followers who read my blog! I am shocked, absolutely shocked!

Actual, living people want to listen to a sort of aspergic 16 year old talk about how he sees the world and his opinions on various topics! WOW!

I’d like to thank you if you have followed my blog, or have read it and not followed, your support is appreciated. Hopefully now we can have response to my questions that I sometimes put on Blogs.

I think I am going to give you guys a team name, but I will think of that some time in the future. Next blog I will put out is a look at Doctor Who, and the actors and who I feel who are the best or not. OR, if you want a different topic, then please put it in the comments

Thank you so much, and goodbye!

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Since 2012, Benjamin Attwood has written for the If you Ask Ben blog.

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