My Christmas in a nutshell: 2013 edition


Christmas 2013 was a weird one for me. In comparison to last year, I did not have a bid major present, like my watch, or my phone etc. Instead I wanted less expensive things, because as we get older, we run out of ideas. Now, unlike many of my peers, I do still prefer gifts over cold, hard cash. The reason for this is that I don’t want to go out in the snow to pick up this or that, I could but I am lazy. And also, you know how awkward I am, me going into a shop to buy something I want and/or need. Yeah. But I am losing track, this post covers what happened throughout Christmas day.

I awoke around quarter past seven in the morning, because younger brother and excitement. I will admit, I probably fared better than last year, where I barely slept. We waited for my Mother and father to join us, as it is a family thing to open the gifts. We soon got into our presents, me and Sam.

This year, I got the following gifts from my Mother and Father, as well as my Aunty Joan and Great Uncle Colin (Both are different sides of the family):

  • A new Mouse and keyboard
  • Converse
  • TBBT Calender
  • a Newton’s cradle
  • Karl Bartos Album Off the record
  • David Bowie The Next Day Special edition
  • Muse Live at Rome Olympic Stadium
  • Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa
  • Touch Screen gloves
  • a stop motion film set
  • A Plasma ball thang
  • Sopio Cards
  • A Onesie
  • A Star Trek Redshirt
  • Family Guy Socks
  • Underwear
  • Shortbread
  • Showering stuff
  • Chocolates
  • Dressing Gown and Slippers
  • £10 Amazon voucher
  •  £80

Yes, I did get quite a lot, more so than recent years. This is mostly because, as I have gotten older, the gifts I have asked for became more expensive, meaning I received less. The main gift I asked for, the mouse and Keyboard, were not as expensive as last year’s main present, which was that swatch. Honestly, I think that this has been a good initial line up of gifts.

For the first time ever, I actually got my family some gifts. Because I am a nice, loving person.

Sam: A Linkin Park CD and some jewellery

Mum: A Family Planner, because she needed one, and a small Yankee Candle.

Dad: A Toblerone assortment and an assortment of aniseed flavoured sweets (His gifts were hard to pick, I wanted 3 full sized toblerones, but they didn’t have any in the shops, so I settled for the mini assortment).

I then tidied my gifts away, after I ate and my dad went back to bed. I put them where they should be, and then brushed my teeth, after this, I unplugged the USB transmitter things for my old keyboard and muse, and plugged in the new ones, and turned them on (these ones have switches). They’re a lot nicer than my old ones, and a bit bigger as well, which is a good thing in my opinion.

I had a shower, got changed, had lunch, then changed into my Christmas shirt, or fancy shirt. I watched The Blackadder Christmas special. I also watched The Queen’s annual speech. I know this sounds weird, but I think she should do more TV appearances like this. After all, most royal duties are carried out by the rest of her family nowadays, it’d be nice to keep her in the public eye.

My Nan and Grandad came over soon after. We alternate who comes over whichever year, one year my Grandad+Niall come over, and we see my nan on Boxing Day, and the next year it alternates. I came downstairs to greet them, and they gave me a bag full of nice gifts, plus a card from my Aunty Amanda. I got:

  • Looking for Alaska
  • MORE Chocolate (Three 100g bars)
  • More Showering stuff (Lynx Deep Space, which will go well with the Apollo I already have)
  • £10

We then had Christmas dinner. I chose to have beef over Turkey, as I am not a fan of the meet. Granted it’s basically chicken, but I know the difference. I then watched the Doctor Who Christmas Special, where I saw Matt Smith’s Doctor (Is he 11th? 12th? 13th? He’s Matt Smith’s Doctor) die on the Television screen, and turn into Caecilius from The fires of Pompeii (Which starred Karen Gillam, as a soothsayer, before she became known as Amy Pond). Overall, it was very good. The first 40 minutes was buildup, and the last 20 minutes was epic awesome. The best part for me was the epic regeneration, it reminded me of the QOTSA video for ‘My god is the sun’. Then the sad regeneration happened, where he said goodbye to Clara, and inexplicably, Amy Pond appeared for some reason, and then he became Caecilius. It wasn’t as epic a regeneration as David’s was, but everyone loved David (I did too), Matt’s was less epic and dragged out, quick, and had that awesome monologue, which is the best one I have heard in the show. Overall it was good.

And that’s been my Christmas Day in a nutshell, I trust that yours was just as good, maybe better. i finish this post, in my onesie, typing on my new keyboard, while wearing off the caffeine from the Pepsi I have consumed. Good night, merry christmas.

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