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Hello all. Today has been a lovely day, I went to the Rainhill Gala, the weather was decent and I had a Burmese Python round my neck. And today, I’d like to write a post about my coin collection; something I have talked about in previous entry, but I have decided to document the coins what I have in my current collection. 

I say I have collected coins since 2006, but I have only really started going into it since 2012; when the 2012 Olympic coins were released. The first coins that I ever received were a set of coins my Granddad gave me on a trip he made to the Isle of Man.These coins were sitting around in my room for 6 years before I became serious. Between 2006-2012, I continued to use my coins as mere contributions to capitalism. I found the odd one one which ‘looked nice’ and kept them in my room. It was 2012 when I got my first £5 coin, to commemorate the Diamond jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. Since 2012, I have continued to collect and my collection continues to grow.

This video here shows off my collection so far, and below is the coins that I have:

3 Commemorative £5 coins:

1 Death of Queen Victoria 100th anniversary

The Queen’s Coronation 50th Anniversary

1 Diamond Jubilee

5 Crowns

2 Churchill memorial coins

1 1960

1 1937

1 1889

1 Liberian Dollar (owned by Sam, but kept with my collection)

1 Star Trek 1996

15 50 Pence pieces

7 2012 Olympic coins

1 New Pence 1972

2 150th Anniversary of the Public Libraries Act 1850

1 Manx TT Racer

1 Centenary of the Foundation of the Scouting Movement

150th Anniversary of the institution of the Victoria Cross

2 Ironside Centenary coins

250th Anniversary of Samuel Johnson‘s Dictionary of the English Language

6 Two Pound Coins

1 XIII Commonwealth Games

1 50th Anniversary of the discovery of DNA

1 200th Anniversary of the first steam locomotive

1 Bicentenary of the Abolition of the Slave Trade in the British Empire

1 Olympic Handover Ceremony

1 200th Anniversary of the birth of Charles Dickens

5 £1 coins

1 Belfast Coat of Arms

1 Cardiff Coat of Arms

1 Manx Coin

Oak and rose

Leek and daffodil

7 Miscellaneous

5 Manx coins (1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p)

1 Jersey 20p piece

1 replica medieval coin

So that is my collection thus far. I am getting two new coins in the coming days (hopefully). These two being the 2013 Benjamin Britten coin and the 2011 WWF commemorative coin. If you do have any interesting coins, please do show them to me. I will buy them off you if I want them for my collection, depending on how much you ask, or I may haggle you. But if you have any coins, do show them to me. I will be continuing to collect, and will most likely ask for some more for Christmas. Thank you.

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