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Man it has been a while. Sorry for the drought of blog posts for a while. Crazy stuff has been going on recently, and its nearly my birthday, we are only just over a week away! But I think I will ease back into business with a more lighthearted post. Let’s talk coin collecting!

I say I have collected coins since 2006, but I have only really started going into it since 2012; when the 2012 Olympic coins were released.

The first coins that I ever received were a set of coins my Granddad gave me on a trip he made to the Isle of Man (He actually comes from there, so therefore I am part Manx; which I am quite proud of to be honest, we have our own language believe it or not). They are the same as your regular coin, but with unique prints of them of Isle of Man landmarks; and on their 50 pence piece are two Motorcycles representing the TT Races. These coins were sitting around in my room for 6 years before I became serious.

Between 2006-2012, I continued to use my coins as mere contributions to capitalism. I found the odd one one which ‘looked nice’ and kept them in my room. Then the Olympic Games came around, and commemorative 50 pence coins were released. They were available for 2 pound, and I bought 4; with the collection of Olympic coins growing to 6 when I found 2 were used as materials of capitalism. That began to annoy me a little bit, as people spent them not knowing their actual significance. I think it was at this point when I became serious about this. It was 2012 when I got my first ¬£5 coin, to commemorate the Diamond jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II.

Since 2012, I have continued to collect. My collection recieved a boost, thanks to my Great Uncle Colin; who is great without being my great uncle. I was given a box at my Granddad’s house, containing lots of very exciting coins, These coins were pre decimal.¬†Before 1971, It was farthings, half pennies, threepence etc. were used by people, before we got our current coins. Some of those coins date back to the 19th century. Apparently the coins I got were my Great Granddad’s, and are pretty rare in their own right. They are in mostly really good condition, which is great considering they are 50-150 years old! Though some have turned green due to their copper content.

So, where does this leave me now. As of now, I have 50-60 coins in my collection. I am going to recieve one on Monday from Charlie; my friend from High School. It is another 50 pence, to commemorate 60 years of the WWF. I became aware of it from my friend Adam; who had one. Then I found Charlie posted a picture of it on Instagram, and I offered to buy it off him. He accepted my offer, and I should be getting it on Monday; hopefully. From there, I don’t know where my coin collection will go, but I will continue to collect the coins which interest me.

Im not in it to sell them or bid exceedingly silly amounts for a rare coin with the queen’s head upside down. I’m in it for fun, and that’s how it should be if you’re a collector. If you’re a 50 year old man, with a large collection of Hornby trains, play with them. If you collect LEGO, build it. If you collect stamps, coins or bird eggs, show them to people. There’s no point having a collection if you’re in it for the investment; while I can see the benefits of it, I think collecting should be fun, not boring. Learn from me.


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