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Since Television is a dead media, most of it lifestyle shows and X factor (until Matt Smith comes back on Saturday in the UK) i have been watching a DVD which i bought today, Sherlock Series 2 FTW,i decided to look over my DVD collection and share to you what i have been watching.Similar format to the plastic beach album review, but no music.

Let’s start with TV Shows.

TV Shows

Little Britain, Series 1 and 2: Matt Lucas and David Walliams funny show from the mid noughties. Quite a bit of swearing and sexual humour, but its funny with other jokes. It’s a sketch show for those not in the know.I don’t really watch it because i watch other things…

Red Dwarf Series 1-8: The classic series of Red Dwarf, none of that Dave stuff. It is funny, the actors are hilarious, the stories are good, and this show is over 20 years old. Its about a human called Dave, who is put in statis for bringing a cat aboard the mining ship Red Dwarf. Only supposed to be brought back into the land of the living 18 months later, there’s an accident and he is on the ship for 3 million years. His only company is a hologram of his dead colleague Rimmer, a lifeform who evolved from his cat called Cat, and a Android called Kryten, and later on, his ex girlfriend Kristine.Lister’s only dream is to get back to earth, will he do it? watch and find out.

Spitting Image Series 1 and 2: Another sketch show, 3o years old, it criticizes politicians (Maggie Thatcher, Ronald Reagan etc.) and the royal family as well as other celebrities. It may not be so funny to the younger generation, but a brilliant way of seeing what people thought of the prominent figures of the time.

FAWLTY TOWERS Remastered: Said to be THE greatest sitcom of all time, the people are right, its a funny show based in a hotel with a rude owner (John Clease) Basil, his wife Sybil (Prunella Scales), Waitress Polly (Connie Booth, who was married to Clease) and, of course, Dogsbody Manuel (Andrew Sachs). Watch it when you can, and if you have it on DVD, savor it. There’s only 12 episodes.

The League of Gentlemen complete series and christmas special: Brilliantly dark sketch show from The League of Gentlemen.It may shock and offend, but will also make your head fall off from laughing.

Alan Partridge: The Complete Series: Steve Coogan’s finest work about the rude, politically incorrect radio DJ from Norwich. You have his ill fated TV Show, and  a show showing his day to day life.It is funny.

Blackadder Remastered: Blackadder is funny, the show follows descendants over hundreds of years in medeval times, Elizabethan era, regency, and WW1, but it still has the same characters.You have Mr Bean, the guy from Time Team, House, The guy from QI and…it’s funny.

Big Bang Theory Series one: Brilliant show, nuff said.

Sherlock: Seires 1 and 2: Exceptional writing, Excellent cast, good stories and that’s me being modest about the show. Watch it if you haven’t.


Kraftwerk Minimum Maximum: I LOVE KRAFTWERK! This is their live DVD and you hear all their best songs with outstanding visuals.If you like electronic music, buy it.

Star trek films: Nemesis is good, and The Motion Picture is crap. And that’s all i have to say.

Blade Runner: Crap.

Harry Potter 1: The cast are adorable, the effects are good for 11 years ago, acting is top notch and it is from the greatest film series of all time. No one must remake these films.


And that’s all my DVD’s, try em out if you want and give me your feedback. i’ll be back soon and goodbye <3 <3 <3

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  • Opinions vary and all that, but, “Bladerunner” is not crap. Actually the best Sci-Fi film ever made, full of questions of what it is to be human. Watch Rutger Hauer’s death scene again and tell me it’s not the best Villain’s final speech you’d ever seen..

  • It’s not crap, i just don’t like the film.I used the word for comedic purpose, after all it’s better than other Harrison Ford films (Temple of DOOM, Kingdom of The crystal skull, the star wars trilogy). Its not my type of film.

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