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So. Let’s talk movies. These are my absolute favourite films as of March 2014, no spoilers included (and besides you may have watched some of these yourself). These films will obviously change as I age, but here we go:

The Producers (2005 version)

It’s my favourite musical. It combines comedy, music, theatre and is just an awesome movie. Nathan Lane, Uma Thurman, Matthew Broderick and Will Ferrell all star in this movie and they are really good. Some of the gay jokes are a bit crude, but I enjoyed it.

The Fifth element

Absolutely love it. It has Bruce Willis in it; in a role which isn’t as badass as his roles in the Die Hard films but still pretty badass, Gary Oldman is the villain (He was a villain in a lot of 90’s films). It is a Luc Besson film, so its very camp and quirky, but has a good story. My favourite character in it is Leeloo; she looks attractive in a strange sort of way in this film; and her character is funny at times. I do really need to watch Leon: The professional now.

Back to the future

Great scot! This is one of the best Sci fi adventure films put on the silver screen. Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd are a great duo, the story is entertaining, the visual effects are good for the time, and the music is brilliant; THAT’S THE POWER OF LOVE! Summing the movie in one word I’d say Timeless. See what I did there?


A spoof of disaster movies; It is one of the best spoof movies out there. It’s a shame that most people don’t know about this movie (at least people I have come across; but then again it is St Helens where my college is so yeah. People have no idea what parody is anymore; everyone watches Scary Movie 215. I feel sorry for them. How to some this film up ‘It is an entirely different kind of flying’. Full to the brim with jokes and a simple story; you can turn it on and watch it. WATCH IT!

Star trek 2: Wrath of Khan

KHAAAAAAAN! KHAAAAAAAN! In all seriousness though; this is Star Trek. I love the new films; but I am a real trekkie. I’m not one of those fans who jumped the bandwagon: I know that there are four lights, that these ‘fans’ are illogical and I’m just going to go warp 5 with my quick rambling about this film. This is Into Darkness; but done right. If you hated Into Darkness (I had a lot to critique about it) I urge you watch this. This is real Star Trek.

Ferris Bueller’s day off

As coming of age films go; this is the best. It has Matthew Broderick in it as Ferris Bueller. It really isn’t about anything; just about a guy enjoying a day off school with his girlfriend and best mate. I won’t go into the in’s and out’s, but I like the outlook this film takes on growing up. Need to watch this film again sometime.

The nightmare before christmas

The only Stop motion film on this list; It is another musical. Probably one of the greatest christmas movies of all time (A distinction I would give to Elf; but after seeing that film more than 20 times, it is a bit stale). This film takes a unique spin on Christmas; It is a Tim Burton movie, that is expected with a title like ‘The nightmare before christmas’. Magical, dark and brilliant, I recommend this movie to anyone looking to relive their childhood.

A clockwork orange

Dark. This film, and the book it is based on, is dark. It gives a rather realistic future even though it is set in the 1970’s. I can see this future happening now, youths committing such awful acts, assaulting and raping innocents. The droogs are real and we should be concerned. As a Sociology student, I see this film and compare it to society and I see it all, the sexualisation of children, hoodies, and crimes on the news today, and I see a lot of Alexander DeLarges out there. I reckon it won’t be long before they start using the Ludovico technique in prisons. Well shot, well scored by two talented people (Stanley Kubrick and Wendy Carlos), It is a¬†good film to make you think.

(If you consider it a film) Hungarian Rhapsody

May be cheating, but this is a concert film. Queen’s Hungarian Rhapsody is one of the Band’s finest performances, when I watch it on BBC 4; I always sing along much to the chagrin of my family, I find the singing to be some of Freddie’s best live work. It has all the great songs of Queen, and is just a joy to watch.

Spirited Away

By any stretch, I am not a fan of Anime. I don’t like the fandom in particular; they seem too obsessed in their own community that it is slightly creepy (and worse than the hardcore trekkies). I do like this film, the animation is gorgeous, the actors are superb and it has a rich setting and story that is good for replayability. It is a gorgeous film; and I love it. Ever since watching it in school in Year 9, I have wanted to see it on TV. To this day I haven’t had the pleasure, but I’m sure it will be on one day.

Honourable mentions

  • Who Framed Roger Rabbit
  • Batman the mask of the phantasm (Underrated)
  • The Powerpuff Girls Movie (Underrated)
  • The Harry Potter series
  • The Man with the golden Gun
  • Star Trek (2009)
  • The Avengers
  • The LEGO Movie (Only watched it recently)
  • Coraline
  • Hitman Hart: Wrestling with Shadows

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