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Hello. This list is about some of my favourite You Tubers at the moment. My criteria for picking these people is regular content, that I am subscribed to them and that I watch their videos regularly. So this list does not contain that many big names (Ray William Johnson (who I am subscribed to), Shane Dawson (Who I WAS subscribed to, until I got tired of his antics) and Charlieissocoollike (I am subscribed, though he does not make regular content). Also, though most of these guys are Vloggers, not all of them are, there is a mix.

I am currently subscribed to about 120+ You Tubers (down from 209, in what I call the great cull, basically I unsubscribed people who make no content, crap content or I barely watch their videos, family and friends weren’t cut though), so I have a lot of choice, this makes it hard to choose, but I have whittled it down. These guys aren’t in order, so they’re all essentially number one.

1. Emma Blackery (Emma Blackery)

Finally, a good female You Tuber. She’s quite a new You Tuber in terms of the great you tubers, but her channel is picking up in popularity. I see her as a mix of Danisnotonfire and Nerimon. She’s loud, sweary and damn well funny. Her videos are really good, she loves Coke and she is a CM Punk fan (she gets my vote for best female You Tuber). She’s also quite honest to the camera, she’ll tell you her embarrassing stories and we love it. Emma, you rock!

2. ‘Frank Coleman’ (Applemask)

This guy is a niche You Tuber. appealing to the TV History buffs (like me). His content isn’t the most viewed, nor is it really the best edited, but it’s not really the editing that matters. When I see quality, I see a guy who is prepared, has his resources, and can talk into a microphone (or a camera, though Applemask don’t vlog). Applemask does this, and he does it well. Doing it since 2006. He deserves more views, if you want to see old adverts of Public information films from the 80’s/90’s, watch him.

3. ‘Pan Pizza’ (Rebeltaxi99)

This one reviews cartoons from my childhood (late 90’s to now, I’m still a child ’til im 18). He takes the form of a cartoon character, who swears and lives on a ship, and has a crush on Teen Titans member Raven. He’s entertaining, does good editing and you can tell he has passion for what he does. Love you, Pan. NOTE: Watcherofthe2000’s does the same as him, but his reviews are more analytical, they’re good, but I like Rebeltaxi99’s videos a wee bit more.

4. Jim Chapman (Jim Chapman)

Great guy, really friendly, does good vlogs. He’s got that nice friendly face, make’s really good videos, and is a great vlogger. Watch it!

5. Dan Brown (Pogobat)

He refers to himself as ‘The Ray William Johnson of Politics and public affairs’. He makes smart, logical videos about how our world is changing, and if you don’t agree with him, it’s still interesting to hear his opinions, and if you have something you want to share, he will likely reply to you with a counter argument, which is fun to read.

6. JogWheel Productions (Movie Night)

He doesn’t really make content during the summer (unless they’re specials) but he makes regular videos between November and May. He gives informed reviews on old and new films, and their involves a load of social media, and that helps form proper arguments to watch or avoid a particular film. His videos are good, and he has developed a great style over the years. He ain’t number 1 you tube movie reviewer for nothing.

7. Anna Akana (AnnaAkana)

Another funny girl you tuber. She’s american and she does really great videos, some comedic, some serious. It really is good to see you tubers not using sex to sell and gain views, she’s just funny and honest,and going out with Ray William Johnson, which is pretty cool. Her videos are really good, and you should check ’em out if not already.

8. Mark Watson (SoldierKnow’sBest)

Active soldier and tech geek You Tuber. He unboxes and review tech. Looks at a variety of things and does it in a fun and interesting way. His videos have developed to such a great quality, and I continue to view his content, even after I watched his tablet videos when deciding what tablets to get. I picked the 2012 Nexus 7. It rocks!

9. Cartoon Hangover (CartoonHangover)

Frederator studios, who make Fairly odd parents on Nickolodeon, make short cartoons for you tube. Really good,TV quality videos. My favourite series is The Bravest Warriors, a good show about young heroes who set out to help people, and it’s really funny. As are their other shows. But TBW is the breakout star of the channel.

10. David Firth (Doki66)

You all knew this one was coming, the most sick animation on the web. Well that’s the common perception, a lot of his stuff has a meaning, there is a reason for it, Salad Fingers is how he is for a reason, but the reason is unknown and causes debate amongst us all. My personal favourite video is The Men from up the stairs, it’s about poo. YAY.

So here they are my top 10 You Tubers, and now honourable mentions:


Nerimon (He rocks and would be on the list, but I wanted less popular you tubers)

LittleRadge (the number 1 scottish You Tuber, but he barely makes videos anymore)

VSauce (All 3 channels are awesome, they’re on another level)

The Nostalgia Critic (Not actually an active You Tuber, but he is on Blip, a You Tube like channel and has his own Website)

And as ever, a  playlist showcasing my faves in ACTION! Bye.


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