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I am proud to call myself British, and I am proud to be British. I am proud to live in a country which allows people from all around the world to join us, escape their poorer surroundings and work for their families. I am not proud, however, of our ways and laws. I feel that for our country to move forward, we need to reform the system to protect everyone, from their first to last breath. Our country’s problem is it’s way of not solving problems and blaming it on each other, while the people at the top make money at our expense. I have a list of 21 things I would do if I was the Prime minister.

1. Reform prisons. Punish and rehabilitate criminals into society. Teach them to put their hearts and minds into their country. Murdurers and rapists will lose their rights to citizenship-they don’t deserve freedom for ending the life of another person.

2. Legalize assisted suicide, under strict regulations to ensure that the person explicitly says they want to kill themselves

3. Set wages for people who work particular levels of jobs, So teachers, Doctors, Police inspectors clergy etc would earn the same amount of money as each other. People who do certain jobs will earn an average amount of money.

4. Nationalisation. Businesses are there to provide a service and make money, not the other way round. Taxpayers will give their money to make these services work, as well as pay to use public transport, museums, community centres and theatres.

5. Reestablish the police force. Give new powers to the police and reorganise the regions into a closer, national service, which will be efficient and provide the same quality service as it has in the past.

6. End war in middle eastern countries. We marched in to invade with America. ¬†America can’t bully us into war with a country we have had no problems with before. Our army should be used to protect this country and all people in it, not to scare people into conformity.

7. Reformation of UK Voting system. Switch from FPTP to STV, it will end the dictatorship of the two party system and encourage real democracy, votes will not be wasted, but used responsibly. And it will make elections a proper competition.

8. More funding for public services. In this new social society, we need to focus on the things which protect us, cradle to grave.

9. Stop media moguls getting too close to governmental power. This can be done by changing our relationships with the media, independent watchdogs, forbidding MP-Media relationship to end unfair politics.

10. a new service for the long term jobless called ‘work for the people’. Those able to work will earn their benefits, by performing services for the nationalised industry, providing training and advice for those finding work. The old system either treats these people unfairly or makes them too dependent. Weaning is the only way we will get people off the benefit system.

11. more General practices. GP’s should always be there to help people, taking them away is harming people.

12. Move further towards a republic. Queen to be given only ceremonial powers and begin a gradual drift to republicanism. Instead of 5 year terms, it will be brought back to 7 years, to ensure change is properly implemented.

13. Replacing the national anthem. God save the queen alienates too many people these days, on the Republican and non Christian front, a universal anthem should be introduced for this country.

14. To tackle childhood obesity and the influence of gang culture, new state run Youth clubs are to be introduced, to tackle obesity in children, as well as teach them the proper values of competiveness needed for survival today.

15. Work should be done to make reliable renewable energy sources for vehicles. Hydrogen power is the best bet, as an island surrounded by water needs to use what it has to be sustainable, self sufficient and efficient in all ways possible.

16. Change ITV back to a regional contract system as was in the past, to ensure local programming for the people.

17. Ensure that Wales,Scotland, and Northern Ireland are aware of their national pride as countries in their own right. through events and special educational programming.

18. A new curriculum teaching children, not only the basics, but also how to function as adults (teaching them how to write cheques, buy houses, start bank accounts).

19. The creation of a new level of Government to merge with the house of lords, there will be a representative from each of the British Isles, with England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland split into smaller regions. This will be known as the British Isles Council, an elected new upper house, every 7 years. To ensure that all people are represented in our country.

20. Immigration reform: Closing the doors and shutting ourselves away from Europe is not the best way of solving this. People shall continue to have the freedom to live and work in the United Kingdom. However there must be reform, with a tougher stance on illegal immigration. Legal immigrants shall recieve free classes to learn the culture of their new home, and also to help integrate them into a friendly, welcoming society.

21. Allow free universities, but give Universities a cap on how many students it may accept at one time. University is not for everyone, and we do not want to risk too many people with degrees applying for jobs they cannot get.

Will this manifesto ever see the light of day? I do highly doubt it, at least not currently. I did have some other ideas, but it turned out my main one has already been done; by the Conservatives of all people. Gay Marriage. I hope some elements are put into our law, as I feel it’s time Britain was shaken to its core and given an improved system to live in, for everyone.

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