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You know, things really rub me the wrong way. Having a discussion with my Dad about a common pet peeve we share, I have decided to list some of them off. Hopefully this will further our relationship and we can get to know each other a little bit better, because we need to really get to know each other to trust each other. I do get annoyed over stupid things, but let’s face it, you probably get annoyed by stupid things yourself.

1.) I really get annoyed when they use camcorders on Television. Let me explain, you know when a character on a TV show is using their camcorder, it looks nothing like the real thing. Yes it’s TV, but that footage is so smooth and well lit and in HD. I know you can get HD footage in camcorders, but they cost a lot of money. If you see a character on a TV show using a camcorder, it’s an old video one or an old digital camera, THAT FOOTAGE IS SOOO GOOD. My old camera only did 240p.

2.) Poo jokes also really annoy me. I am not going to lie, when you’re younger, poo jokes are hilarious. But when you grow up, you want something different; for me I like darker humour. But when you get a film that treats you like a 6 year old with poo jokes (and you know they’re going to stoop to that level). I know people like poo humour, a lot of grown ups still find it funny, but c’mon dudes. Do you HAVE to sink to that level?

3.) Facebook/Twitter celebrities. I could say a lot. You know the people I mean, those with 10,000 followers on their personal Facebook (Wow, that’s an achievement, I am impressed). If they’re girls, they’re followed by a predominately male audience, and if it’s a guy, they’re followed by a predominately female audience. And these people have post after post of showing off their assets, usually accompanied by a caption ‘not sure what to wear today LOL 😛 FOLLOW ME AT TWITTER, FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM’. Other than that type of picture, these people also post…

4.) LIKE=1 PRAYER. You knew I was going to say this. Not only is that offensive to all religions, but it is also offensive to my intelligence, and the intelligence of people on Facebook. You take a picture of an ill baby/animal/god, you have underneath the picture, 1 LIKE=1 PRAYER IGNORE IF YOU HAVE NO SOUL. I am an atheist, but even I think using God’s image on these migraine inducing, intelligence insulting, brain draining, piss poor pictures. What angers me more is people ACTUALLY ARE EXPLOITED BY THESE THINGS! YOU’RE BEING EXPLOITED!!!

5.) Racists. I hate racists. I have no problems with people who come over to our country to work and live. In fact, I am happy these people choose here, it shows we’re doing something right. But when I see people complain that they’re taking our jobs, our homes, exploiting our system is irritating and wrong as hell. Yes, some people may come to take advantage, but those people are the minority and will be dealt with if it is found out that they’re taking advantage, they will be dealt with and arrested. But you idiots are labelling someone because of something you read in The Sun. THERE IS NO ISLAM INVASION, OUR NHS IS NOT BEING DAMAGED BY THE IMMIGRANTS (Ask my mum, she’ll have one or two things to say about who IS damaging our health system). IMMIGRANTS AREN’T THE PROBLEM.

6.) Could of, Should of, Would of. Now the English Language is always changing, everyday, a new word enters the English lexicon. Recently, there’s been a trend of people spelling things as they would say it. A case of this is Should of/Could of/Would of. This really annoys me because IT IS NOTHING LIKE HOW IT IS SAID. Before you say ‘Should’ve’ Should’ve isn’t even a word. It is Should have, not Should of. There. I SAID IT.

7.) Jumping on the Bandwagon on Facebook. I really hate it when people jump on the bandwagon. Case and study: No make up selfies, 1 LIKE= 1 PRAYER; and worst of all, when someone writes ‘Happy Birthday’ on your ‘wall’, and then have no other contact with you. The last one particularly annoys me is because I think it highlights that they care so little, they write the message to show ‘they care’. If I wanted a birthday message from you, I’d have asked you to write me a card or don’t bother.

8.) When people wear the wrong clothes. What do I mean? well, look at North Face. That is a brand of outdoor sportswear used in camping, and other outdoor activities. In my area, quite a lot of people wear those clothes, and they’re in the middle of a village on the outskirts of Liverpool. Nike, Adidas etc. All are sports gear, but quite a lot non sporting people wear them. People should wear clothes which are appropriate for their setting.

9.) Pop music. Pop music is so annoying. There is literally no creativity thrown in. You have a group of people pressing a few buttons, get some brainless hack to sing over what they made; or robbed from actual musicians, then autotune the voice and selling the Download on iTunes and making millions. What really upsets me is that the singer(s) call themselves ‘musicians’. You are not artists, you are not musicians, you are tools. I have friends who are artists, they actually work on their craft, but they will likely never be a fraction as successful as most mainstream musicians. If they’re lucky, maybe their songs will get robbed and make millions for some young tool, and they won’t be able to do anything about it because they’re trying to sue a multi million pound corporation.

10.) Final thing, overpriced, overrated products. iPhones and Beats Headphones are the biggest culprits of this. I am looking at the Apple website, and a standard iPhone  5S, 16GB of storage is £549. Of course, it doesn’t cost THAT much to produce an iPhone. I understand when a company wants to make a profit, if it’s £50-£100 that would be OK. The bog standard iPhone 5S I previously mentioned costs just under £120 to make. Apple makes £429 profit on each iPhone sold. A lot of companies are guilty of overcharging to wicked extremes, but Apple is a prime example because it is one of the most valuable brands in the world. I’ve always held the belief that competitive prices mean that you can sell more. Come on Apple, you’re a great company, you have the sheep eating out of the palms of your hands. Also, what really annoys me about iPhone owners is that they like to brag about their ‘premium’ phone. iPhones don;t suck, but damn do they cost arms and legs. I bet Apple have a warehouse of all the arms and legs used to buy iPhones.

What annoys you guys anyway? Please tell me, I would love to know. I might make a follow up post using your ideas. But I am going to have some paracetamol, talking about those things has given me a major migraine.

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