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Sad news. On the 11th of January 2016, at about midnight, my phone (the Nexus 5X) has died. He was one year old. 

That phone was the first phone I bought myself, my first contract. It was a milestone. It was my first phone that I invested my own money into. Alas, the phone no longer works. Here’s what happened: for the whole of the day before, my phone was working perfectly, with no faults. If you’ve seen it, there’s no cracks, virtually no scratches, its always in a case, and it has never been near water or anything that would harm it. At around midnight, when I was in bed, the phone turned off on its own. That’s not normal.

I tried turning it on again, but it wouldn’t come on. I then went to the Nexus support page on my tablet, and followed the advice it gave me. Didn’t work. So I figured if I left it overnight, see what happened in the morning. Tried turning it on at 10am, it didn’t work. So, I went to the Carphone warehouse, and they suggested that I attempt to update the firmware. I tried, it didn’t work. The phone was busted. I ended up going back later in the day, and the phone is going to be sent for repairs. Its either going to be wiped, fixed, and sent back, or replaced. So that’s going to take 2 weeks, at the least.

Don’t get me wrong, I am pissed off. I did buy that phone a year ago, it simply shouldn’t be doing that. But I am not too mad. I made sure that the phone was safe, as it has a case. I bought insurance with the phone, and I still have warranty on it. All my photos and videos were backed up, and my app data is saved on my google account. So I guess its not all bad.

In the meantime, I’ll just have to use my old phone; the Nexus 5 (the earlier model). Its a little worse for wear, but the screen isn’t cracked. Mind you, the USB port is busted, and I can only take texts. But given the option, I’d rather have that than a completely broken phone.

If I were you, make sure you keep everything safe with your phones and tablets. Back stuff up, make sure you have warranty, take out insurance, hire a bodyguard, and at least get a case. I don’t care if you want to show off your phone, just get one. It can be a clear one (If you must show off the logo on the back). With my phone, I kept EVERYTHING. I even keep all the emails that get sent to me. Don’t be an idiot. You never know if something like this will happen to you.

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