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On my wrist, I have a watch. It’s a yellow Swatch touch. I wear on my body a pair of jeans, a t-shirt, socks, underwear and shoes. In my left pocket, I carry my phone; a nexus 5, as well as an iPod. In the right pocket, there are keys, to the house I share with my family and pet cats, where all my earthly items are. And my wallet. Designed to look like the Union Jack. Now, I want you to look at what you have. Is it different to me, yes. It probably is. My skin is Caucasian, my hair brown, my eyes a bluey green. Your eyes, your hair, your skin, your gender, and what you have is different to me. Your customs, your sexual orientation, your norms, your values, your social and political opinions. In every sense we are all segregated and divided. We are split by Geographical boundaries, we are split in all aspects. Bar one.

If I cut myself, I will have blood exit my body. If you cut yourself, you will have blood come out of your body. We feel emotion, we see, we feel, we love, we hate, we survive. We are not different in that respect. We are all human, and we share humanity, in all its glory. The problem is that we are flawed. In the respect where violence and discrimination have clouded are view on our own fellow human’s. We go to war, we create villains out of war. There is no true villain, just humans doing what they feel is right for themselves. With no moral regard for the other side. It was all well and good when the red army liberated the Jews and stormed Germany. But then they had to introduce Communism. To look more recently, Russia have taken Crimea from a supposedly Fascist Ukrainian leadership. The Russians are not doing it out of sheer evilness, but for what they feel is right. The fighting is for ‘the greater good’. But Putin forgot that people are suffering. These people don’t want to be killed, they don’t want an early death. They want to be happy, healthy, and safe. Marching into another country to impose a ‘greater good’ is the biggest irony of our generation.

Look at Religion. Where I come from, we villainise the Muslim people, regard them as terrorist and ‘monsterous’. We are fighting ourselves. That angers me so much.

America, the greatest country in the world. Bankrupt their own people by making them to pay for their health. They capitalise on fear, sell guns to their people to turn against each other in a modern day blood bath. In a developed western country. They march into another country to impose ‘freedom and liberation’. America is just as bad as Russia. And they will disagree with me, but you are all guilty. All of us are guilty, because we stand by and let injustice go on. No excuses people, we all have words, we can speak them. What we must realise is that we are the same and we are all unique, brilliant people. Every one of us. Even if you don’t feel you are, you underestimate yourself. Because we are all brilliant. I realise that, while we are all the same, we have our own identities too.

Ideological differences and Social Boundaries must be put to the side for humanity to work together. Forget about it. And remember that humanity has greater dangers from many things. To solve these problems, we must work together. And we can. Because the human race has evolved for thousands and thousands of years into this, and what we are now. If we want to evolve and better ourselves, we’ve got to blur our boundaries into obscurity and work together for a brighter and better tomorrow

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