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Remember in the earlier days of the blog when I told you about all the technology I owned? Well, its been over 2 years since I made that blog post, and everything I own has changed.

Not all has changed in my philosophy though, I still own separate devices for separate purposes. I believe you should have devices that serve purposes perfectly, rather than one device that does everything adequetely. So now, I will talk about it. In this post, I won’t be discussing all the tech I own, just what I am using regularly. Some devices are playing up, or I don’t use often enough to discuss my regular experience. Or maybe they don’t make those devices anymore. But enough of this, lets get on.

MY COMPUTER: Lenovo Thinkpad Laptop running Windows 10 AND a Toshiba Laptop running Windows 10

The Nettop died about one year ago, but fortunately being in University, I needed to get a laptop anyway. The fact my nettop died just meant this laptop served a double purpose. But them ATOS assessed me, and this laptop was actually NOT powerful enough for the software they were giving me. So I keep two laptops. Which in a way is better, and cooler. It makes a fun enough story to tell. A lot of my media consumption and worky type stuff goes on on here. Its replaced my television in that respect; which served as a TV and my computer monitor (though the TV aspect is broke).

MY WATCH: Fitbit Charge HR

I now own wearable tech! I generally dislike the idea of wearable technology, like smartwatches, and Google Glass, but fitness bands Im alright with. I didn’t buy it, I won it in a competition, and it is really useful. I use it as a watch most of the time, but I also find I use it a lot as a pedometer, and it is pretty badass in that respect. While I still have doubts about smartwatches like the Apple Watch and Android Wear, I think fitness bands are the only real wearable technology that is viable.

MY HEADPHONES: Phillips Bluetooth Headset and Sony MDR-ZX310 B Black headphones

A gift from my Grandad, and I was going to buy them to use on my Television, given how my old ones broke (they were already broke), but because I don’t use the TV, I use them on my iPod most of the time. And frankly, with Apple kiling the Headphone Jack, I could live with it. Its not like I don’t have anything to charge these headphones with (It uses Micro USB), and it keeps my hands free, so I cannot complain. The sound on them is really good, and it cancels out background noise very well.

I also own wired headphones, with my comfortable Sony ones. They’ve been well used, and they are excellent to listen to iTunes on. Or the odd YouTube video. They cost me 20 quid too, so were great for the price. I’d highly recommend them for a computer set up.

MY MP3 PLAYER: iPod Touch 7th Generation 64GB

And now I am an even worse Apple sellout. Honestly though, it does allow me to compare and contrast the difference between it and Android, which I run on my phone. I’ve already written a post on it, and those points still stand. I only really use it for music, and occasionally for apps, but it is purely for music, but works as an emergency camera if my phone is out of juice. And I dislike iOS 10.

MY PHONE: 32GB Nexus 5X running Android 7.0 Nougat

The Nexus 5 was a good Smartphone, and the Nexus 5X is just as good. Slightly bigger screen, slightly better camera, but the same great experience on the phone as my previous one. And then some. With the various optimisations of Anroid 6.0 and 7.0, I have been able to get away with only using 10 of my 32GB, with cloud storage for all my pictures, allowing me to use and test apps when I need to. Its a good phone, and while I was going to get the Nexus 6P, the 5X is just as good, and probably more sensible to have.

MY CAMERA: Nikon Coolpix L810 and an Olympus M10

While my Digital Camera is the same, my old new film camera is a new addition. My Grandad gave his to me, and it is a genuine old camera from the 80’s. Regarded as one of the best film cameras of the time, my Grandad Wright (whose one I currently have), Uncle Niall, my late Grandad Attwood (whose cameras now belongs to my Dad, but we’ll share the Olympus lenses), and my Great Uncle Colin all had one. I’ve always wanted a film camera, and I am glad to have it, though I have not had a chance to use it properly as of yet.

My CD Player: Sony Walkman

I rarely use it, but I wanted to mention it. I own CD’s, and I own a large collection of them. I decided that it would be great to have a Sony Walkman to play them on. While all my albums are now on my iTunes, I just like the idea of having a walkman to play them on. Though I rarely use it, I love having it.


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