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Though i am doing Countdown to Christmas/new years posts on ‘If you ask me’, i will occasionally post my regular content between CTC/NY posts. am going to talk about my favourite albums.I don’t listen to (much) mainstream music, the for that reason is i don’t follow the crowd.The music i do listen to is in a variety of genres, and i have compiled a list of ten albums that i like.Since i love them all i cannot rate them at all or rate them all number one, they are in no order so let’s get started.

1. Barcelona by Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballe: This album is a musical experiment done right, the drama of rock and opera combined.The fact that a opera singer decided to collaborate with Freddie Mercury is pretty cool, and the music beautifully composed.

2. Autobahn by Kraftwerk:This is another Musical experiment done right, music made with the use of electronic instruments, it’s hard to no see the impact Kraftwerk has made, it made electronica, synth pop and even hip hop.The sound is amazing and it helped the Germans find their culure. 

3. Radio-activity by Kraftwerk: If Autobahn was the successful experiment, Radio-activity was the continuation, Autobahn proved that electrical instruments can work, it could make music.Radio-activity (a bit of Deadpan Kraftwerkian humour) is a brilliant concept album, based on the band’s interest in radio equipment, the songs are catchy and the music is cool.

4. Plastic Beach by Gorillaz: Another concept album, this time by Gorillaz.You could say this band is revolutionary (having cartoons be the band members and the real people not being seen).The band’s gimmick was interesting in 2001, and even in 2010, people are still thinking ‘this is unbelievable’ .The album has a nice summery album feeling to it, with a lot of emotion and many different musical inspirations, classical, hip hop, electric, world, even a bit of pink Floyd .What an epic album( also, Demon Days is a number 11)

5. Queen II by Queen: A majestic album, classic rock at it’s best.Though Queen were relatively new at this point, you could see the impact they were making in later songs, stemming from this album.Brilliant songs, on a sadly underrated album.

6. Origin of Symmetry by Muse : Muse’s second album, it’s my favourite muse album.I know it’s a weird choice for a favourite muse album,but i think the songs are really good, bliss, space dementia, Meglomania.It is a kickass album, and my faovurite song is probably either Meglomania or New Born.

7. The Second Law by Muse: Muse’s Latest album. again a weird choice but it is a brilliant album.I like the dupstep elements, the rocking tracks, the orchestral tracks.The best songs have to be Supremacy, Explorers and Follow me.It is a brilliant album that you must listen to.

8. Revolver by The Beatles: I like this album for many reasons, but the best reason i have is that it has Yellow Submarine on it.You cannot have a top ten album list without a beatles album, and while most people would say that they like The White Album, Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band i don’t think they have listened to the other albums.It gave us Yellow Submarine, Taxman, and Eleanor Rigby to name a few. 

9. Innuendo by Queen: I’m not going to talk much about this one, It’s an epic album.That is all. It is so dark in it’s subject, I love it.

10. Still got Legs by Chameleon Circuit: This is a brilliant album, and a niche style of music which all Dr Who fans should listen to.It uses elements of the show, the episodes, enemies etc and makes music based on them.This album proves that even the silliest of ideas can be brilliant and epic.

And that is my top ten albums, i hope you give them a listen because they’re all good.If you want to listen, here is a you tube playlist featuring some of my favourite songs from each album.Thanks for reading.

Runners up

Demon Days by Gorillaz

The Next Day by David Bowie

The Magical Mystery Tour by The Beatles

Progress by Take That

Scary Monsters and Super Creeps by David Bowie


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