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I went to Liverpool with Yianna, who is a friend of mine. I got a new shirt and The Big Bang theory Season 5. That’s not what this post is about, it’s about a conversation I had with her, I was talking about a post I wrote about things that annoy me (This coming from me asking about her You Tube channel), I’ve been thinking of a few more things that annoy me, and I wanted to share them with you.

1. People saying ‘of’ instead of ‘have’

I get really annoyed when people say ‘should of’ or type it. That’s not how you say it. You say ‘It should have been like this’. I would not describe myself as a grammar nazi, I don’t like that label and I do break grammar rules from time to time, most of the time that is a mistake, but I do do it deliberately when I feel lazy, but when you constantly break grammar rules and say things like ‘Should of’, I get really REALLY annoyed.

2. Americanisms

This one doesn’t annoy me as much, as language does evolve as time goes on, and with American imports such as 24, The Simpsons, and Americans on British programmes such as Will.I.Am on The Voice, language is evolving quicker. But when I hear people say american words such as diaper, pacifier, and CANDY! I find it very annoying, we have perfectly good British English words, which are there to be used when needed: Dummy, Nappy, Sweets. If you are American, speak American English, if you are British, speak British English, though I will be prepared to give some leeway, as Globalisation means that in a while, we will probably speak the same language, at some point.

3. Facebook Pictures

I find them overly annoying and sometimes offensive. I go on Facebook, I look on pages my friends like, and I see pictures of injured things, children saluting coffins draped in American flags, crying children with bruises, with captions saying things like ‘LIKE IF YOU ARE AGAINST CRUELTY, IGNORE IF YOU WANT TO DIE’ ¬†or even worse ‘ONE LIKE: 1 PRAYER’. It’s offensive to people’s intelligence, I know it’s a jump on the bandwagon thing ‘I AM ALSO AGAINST THIS THING, I WILL LIKE THIS J-PEG IMAGE OF A CRYING CHILD SO PEOPLE WILL KNOW I AM AGAINST IT’. There really is no need, the fact you are using pictures like that to get likes on a website is stupid, you’re stupid.

4. Pop music

It’s a common thing hat people dislike pop music, and I can see why. It all sounds so…samey, it’s like one person makes a revolutionary song, a song that’s really original and everyone loves it. Then everyone starts making the same song with different words. There is no problem with wanting to be as popular as someone else, but when everyone does it, it just becomes so frustrating and stagnant. Pop music, for the last 7 years has been stale urine, it’s like the revolutionary sound they based themselves off of has sunk into a big blob of icky, sticky stuff, with lumps collecting at the bottom of the tub, and being left in a warm, dry cupboard for years. We need more originality than that, and this lack of originality is killing the music business.

5. North Face clothes

It makes people who wear it look sinister. It’s not fashionable, it looks cheap, and should only be worn when you are hiking or on fishing trips. You see lads, and some girls, roaming the streets, shaved heads, cigarettes, maybe alcohol, with North face clothes, and Reebok as well, and some Adidas and Nike stuff perhaps. If you like that style, fine, I just wouldn’t wear it myself, unless it catched my eye, but everyone wears the same black coat, and trousers, it doesn’t look fashionable, it looks boring, and people give it a bad reputation.

6. Extreme public affection

Holding hands, hugging, cuddling and the odd kiss are fine, it’s sweet and it makes me go aww. But then, the snogging starts, then the fondling begins and it begins to get a little bit uncomfortable for the people around you. I understand, you’re a couple, and yes, it’s good to know that you two are together, it warrants off unwanted attention from other people, but it can get OTT, try and tone it down, don’t stop completely though, you are a couple, but please no whispering things to each other…

7. Traditionalists

I hate people who are unwilling to adapt, and most of my criticism in politics goes to The Conservatives, who were very much a traditional party, but now the gay marriage thing has got me praising them, but traditionally their mindset is with rich men in charge, and commoners and women equal, sort of, and gay rights were pretty much none existent (but gay marriage bill is turning that thing upside down). I feel the best way for societies to improve are for change to occur, stagnation has killed many things, like the USSR pretty much signed it’s death warrant when the economy was in stagnation, and the human rights were at an all time low. Of course, it depends what change happens, Gorbachev’s Glasnost and perestroika wouldn’t work, long term. He was ousted out of power by the people, which is an example of good change, as democracy rocks! China is an example of good change, though, it has managed to work for 60 something years, because of their adoption of a form of hybrid capitalism, now their people are slowly getting richer. People who don’t change with the times annoy me, as I know they aren’t going to walk with the rest of us.

I hope you found this interesting, please share some of your annoyances, or debate with me on my own. thank you for reading

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