Pancakes? I need some, today’s been hard.


Salutations, my friends. I’ve been a bit of a busy bee recently, apart from my fingers breaking off due to the cold winter weather, I’ve been very busy.

For the last week of this half term, things have actually been quite chaotic.And I don’t mean in the traditional sense, and when I say traditional, I mean everyone is fed up, and we just want to go home.No, this week has had a lot of stuff happening which I will tell you about, because.

TODAY, I had a German speaking test. I’ve been preparing for it for the last few weeks, and compared to the last one, It was probably the hardest to prepare for, because of holidays, snow, and other deadlines, the normal preparation has been broken up into irregular sized chunks.I had to learn the topic, learn new words, had to pick questions to answer, pick a main thing to discuss with my teacher, this blog, I had to write my answers, rewrite them in my best German, correct it, go through it, have it corrected by an actual German teaching assistant and then I had to learn it.I had to speak for 6 minutes, have the proper word order, and pronounce words properly.I deserve a medal for not weeing myself with fear.

Also today, we had a lady come into the school.And she talked to us about risks you take when you are a teenager, ranging from crossing the road with your earphones in, to having unprotected sex! The main focus is to promote a Teenage health clinic in the local area, and boy did they promote it.Pens, cards, and to top it all off, pictures of genital warts, unusual genital discharge, and HERPES! I did at the end of the day, the thing was last lesson, get a cup of water from the office, and then put my earphones in to clear the pictures that I saw from my head and promptly crossed roads without looking , and listening to my music.

And the week doesn’t quite stop there! I have PARENT’S EVENING ON THURSDAY and everyone is coming to hear all my teachers praise me.My mum can’t do appointments before 5:10pm, so I could come home because the others will be in the house, but I could help out, but that would mean staying in school until just before 6 O’clock at night, having been there since 8:20am for maths revision.I might just go home.


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