Poem- I love you


I’ve never written a love poem before. Well, I’ve never written one I consider good. Heck, never finished one. This one I wrote about not being able to share my true feelings with people. Consider it a sequel to ‘Assburger Asses’, but a less sardonic poem, and more about the restrictions my condition has on me.

I love you

When I am lost,

And tears run down my face,

My heart wants to be in only one place,

It’s with you.

I love you.


When you take my hand,

And I look in your eyes,

And I take it and we both walk away,

And say ‘I will guide you’.

I love you.


I love who you are,

You’re my little star,

Your face is ingrained in my mind.

Your skin is so soft, and our hearts they are locked,

In this love.


When we dance in the rain,

And I hold you.

We’re locked in each other’s arms.

It’s like magic.

I love you.


The seconds turn to minutes,

When I stare at your face,

I lean in and we join at the lips.

I will kiss you.

I love you.

When I’m with you I can’t help but smile.

Words turn from sentences to something quite wild,

I just cannot say what you mean to me,

But these words I am writing are for all to see,

What you mean in my heart, in my mind, and my soul,

I just want your love to fill in this hole,

And I want you to know every night and in day,

That despite all the nasty things that we all say,

That I just don’t want you to go away,

Because I love you.


When rain turns to sun,

And the wind turns to breeze

I can’t help but look at the sky,

It’s clear and it’s true.

I love you.


As I lie in my bed,

And I look at one side,

It is empty and you’re not by my side,

Well, I want you.

Because I love you.

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