POETRY WEEK 2: Who am I?


Today’s poem I wanted to continue the idea that online, we are different people. Yesterday, I took a darker, and shadier side of this, but today I wanted to expand on the idea with a poem about the personas we create online. For all intents and purposes,you could assume I was an intellectual and an artist, if you knew nothing about me. The reality is, Im just an 18 year old guy, who lives in Whiston, suffering from anxiety and is very shy. But here, I create this facade, an illusion. And sometimes, I forget who I actually am. 

What am I?

By any normal standards
I’m your average teenage boy
I go to school, I walk the dog
I am no one
I come alive online
I turn myself on
I forget the truth, I see myself
In a mirror here online
I am the artist
You see my art online
You like, you share, you applaud
Im not a regular guy
Im the comedian
sharing memes on my feed
you laugh, you comment, you say im the legend
Im not an average guy
Im the critic
Speak up
Speak out
share my views
I present myself in video
you say Im cute
you stick me on your wall
and Im your idol
They say im a nobody
online I am a somebody
I connect the world
I am a hero
But by day
Im just a guy
another guy
who am I?

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Since 2012, Benjamin Attwood has written for the If you Ask Ben blog.

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