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I went to my school today to get results for some GCSE’s i did during Year 10.I must say im quite surprised by some of them.

i got a B in English Language and a B in History and a B in Sociology. So i’ve passed all 3 and now have another GCSE to add to my Maths one (History and Sociology is two tests).

I was nervous (why wouldn’t i be) when receiving the results,i was made even more by my mother telling me the English ones have been marked really harshly.It turned out my worrying was to be short lived.

And my thoughts now? i don’t really think anything of them, which i should because this is literally my life.Im relieved they aren’t bad but im not really bothered.My dad has said that i am playing it down, what do you want me to d jump up and down and scream like a little girl?I am happy, but i have plenty more to do.

here’s some links to some GCSE related stuff, the English report and one saying that there’s been a reduction in pupils getting A*-C’s, and this is the first drop since the tests were brought in in their modern form, so that is why it’s news.

and for our non English readership, here is a wikipedia page about the GCSE system

Well, i’ll be back soon.

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