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I was reading Facebook posts tonight, and one came up that incensed me, and inspired me to write a post about this topic. My friend was asking for Psychics, and it enraged me so much. On today’s post, I’d like to take time to talk about my vehment hatred of these people and their job.

To understand what a psychic is, one must know the definition and the role they play. The dictionary term for a psychic is a person considered or claiming to have psychic powers; a medium. Alright, so the term is a description of what they are, and not what they do, or at least claim to do. Well, a cursory search on Wikipedia suggests that these individuals have a LOT of powers. Too many to list here. And since I already made the catchy title, we will focus on Telepathy, the reading of minds, as well as Mediumship, which is the communication of spirits. I pick these two to pick apart because they’re the most common form of tricks these people play.

Firstly, in regards to telepathy, often times the mind reading is a party trick for the psychic to show off their ‘abilities’. Now don’t get me wrong, it is a good party trick for children. Freaks them out, it is hilarious. But when adults believe it, it is kind of sad. I was once reading a kid’s book by the author Glenn Murphy, who writes gross science books for children, and he is genuinely quite good, especially if you’re a manchild.

I cannot quote it exactly, as the book is not with me, but what he did was show off how using certain words which rhyme with terms relating to an item and rhythms of words could make someone think of a particular thing, in his book he used this idea to make the reader think of a bicycle. That is a very basic simplification, anD probably wasn’t explained well, but I tried. The particular technique he used was one that is regularly used by psychics to trick your mind into thinking of things that the psychic can easily ‘read’.

This technique in itself is simple, its fine for a seaside attraction for the children, but what really angers me are mediums. I had to explain how psychics used telepathy in order to dig into this thing that angers me so much. Mediums talk to spirits. Dead ones. And often times they will contact a loved one and use their abilities to allow you to talk with them. And to me, it is sick. As someone who lost two family members in the same month, essentially a week apart, it sickens me that there are people who will exploit grief to ‘comfort’ paying customers. It angers me so much, and is what angered me that my friend was considering going to a psychic.

In regards to my friends, I can disagree with their choices if they are wrong, I am objectivist, if it wrong I am going to be against it, even if my friend is doing it. Im not going to fall out with people if they disagree with me and make what I believe to be empirically the wrong decision, but I won’t let them make that decision without warning, it would be wrong for me to let them harm themselves in this way. I hate psychics because they are exploitative, money sucking scum, who profit on your suffering. If a psychic said they could contact my dead Grandad from heaven, I would punch that person so hard because I would be so angry that they suggested it. Friends, your loved ones, and my loved ones cannot be reached from beyond the grave. I am sorry to say it, but it is true. Psychics are pathological manipulators, and I wouldn’t trust them to comfort you. They will damage you.

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  • Hello Ben,
    Hey, we all need to vent sometimes, I agree with you on that. I also agree that there are fraudulent people out there who claim to be psychic, and those who do prey on people, however I’m not one of those people. I consider myself an intuitive counselor and I do give readings and counseling for FREE. I am in grad school for mental health counseling, so I have the skill set for counseling, and I have taken spiritual course work that includes demonstration of mediumship. Whenever I go to another intuitive for a reading I always check to see if they have any spiritual credentials of some sort, because they do exist. It’s a service just like anything else, research, research, research. I’m not here to tell you you’re wrong in your ideals, because you’re not. I just wanted to share with you a bit of light on the matter, hope what I’ve said doesn’t offend you.

    Love & Light,
    Amber Choisella

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