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2020- FACE

Shatter the green with red, golden leaves fall once more, dark nights come quickly; the heat slowly dissipates. Feeling relief as the seasons begin their shift, earth rotates, tilts away, from the heat of the sun. Give me the elements of fire and earth in war, as I implore for the seasons to change once more.

March of the Four Seasons by Ben Attwood

Ben Attwood returns with his latest anthology of original poetry. All new compositions, with detailed analysis for select poems on the themes covered and the artistic intent of the poems. FACE is another look into Ben’s unique perspective on life, love, death, and self identity.

2019- A Remarkable Journey

When the dawn breaks on distant shores, and the light hits darkened ground. A sunlight will penetrate my room, and it will hit my eyes. Bringing to life this restless wretch, who dreamed of monsters that he killed.

When the Dawn Breaks, by Ben Attwood

This publication is a story told through poems, in a five-act structure, A Remarkable Journey tells the story of a traveller, who is returning home after an unsuccessful opportunity goes terribly wrong. The traveller seeks to return home, to reunite with a love long lost.

2018- The Internal Monologue

I return to my warm home, Cold weather hurt my dome, Through the winter night, I roam, And I am crying all alone…

Solstice Solemnity, by Ben Attwood

My first publication. Since 2012, I have been writing poetry as a hobby and experimenting with new poetry forms. Through personal issues and triumphs, writing has been an outlet I have used. Now, I am ready to share my works in this anthology of my work. Featuring 67 poems, The Internal Monologue contains commentaries about select poems, ruminations regarding issues such as context and inspirations.




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