Raise The Steaks: The Bottle and Glass Inn


It’s that time again, another review for another restaurant in my Raise the Steaks series. On Friday, I went to the Bottle and Glass Inn, in Rainford, to celebrate my Mother’s 25th anniversary of her 20th Birthday party. And to celebrate, we went to the Bottle and Glass Inn. Will it raise the steaks?


Environment scores a Well Done (4 Stars) from me. We went on a half term day at Lunchtime, so I was surprised by how calm it was there. The waiter was extremely friendly, and we got a good table near the window, where you could see the outside world. Even when more people came in whilst we were dining, it did not suffer. It did well.


Service actually was great. The food came quick. This probably had to do with the lack of people in the restaurant at that time. Other reviewers have said that service is affected when more people are in the restaurant, but my personal experience in going to the Bottle and Glass has it being quite quick, so I will give it a VERY WELL DONE (5 stars)


Cleanliness scores a Well done from me. The restaurant was kept very well by the staff. In particular, the toilets were well kept. Besides the names carved into the toilet cubicle, it was very clean in there. The restaurant even offered a variety of aftershaves, soaps, and mouthwash as well for customers who have eaten particularly pungent foods, which took me by surprise.


The food is really the main part of these reviews, and in all honesty is the only thing potential customers should concern themselves with (that and cleanliness as well). I had a 9oz Rump steak, with triple cooked chips, mushrooms, and onion rings. The chips were okay, but the steak was gorgeous, in fact, it was on par with steaks I’ve had in some of my highest reviewed places. I’d even go so far as to say it is either the second best or third best steak I have had in an eating establishment. The chips were an alright side, but I have had better. Despite that, I would score this as Very Well Done.


The meal scores another Very Well Done for pricing, as it came to £12.49 for my meal. I am surprised it came to that price, as it was very reasonable for the amount and quality of food that I got.



The Bottle and Glass scores 4.6 out of 5, making it Well Done, and making it joint best place for steak in my series of reviews, alongside The Empress Hotel in the Isle of Man, and it isn’t hard to see why. The Bottle and Glass Inn has been operating for over 100 years. They know their stuff. This handsome pub located in countryside land has stood for 2 world wars, and has seen 6 Monarchs take the throne, and has overseen the premierships of 26 Prime Ministers, from Gladstone to May. Im not saying that being around for a long time makes you good, but to be around for a long time shows that you are doing something right.

The Empress Hotel, Isle of Man/ The Glass and Bottle Inn- 4.6
Damon’s (No Longer Operating)- 4.4
The Slug and Lettuce in York- 4.0
The Black Horse- 3.8
The Trigger Pond- 3.4
The Fiveways (No longer operating)- 3.3
The Harvester- 3.2
The Welkin (Spoons)- 3.0
The Packet Steamer- 1.8


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