Raise the Steaks: The Fiveways (No longer Operating)


It’s another ‘Raise the Steaks’ review. It has been a while since I have done one of these. I was going to one in the summer after visiting ‘The Slug and Lettuce’ in York. However, I decided I was on holiday, so I didn’t want to write blog posts while I was relaxing. So, here we go. 


A new catagory I’d like to add is environment. What this means is the decor, the design, and the surrounding area of the restaurant. I feel that this is a good catagory to add as you want to eat somewhere where it looks nice and is conveniently placed. So, the design of the restaurant is certainly warm and welcoming. The carpets and the red wallpaper provided a very friendly, homely feel. We were sat by a window, facing the car park, and the main road where the restaurant is placed beside. The cars drifting past as we ate was not distracting, but noticeable. As it was a sunday in a carvery, it was packed. Children, adults etc. filled the restaurant. While children in restaurants aren’t my favourite, it wasn’t as bad as one would expect, for especially young kids. I rank it a MEDIUM


It was relatively quick and snappy. Compared to the last restaurant I reviewed, it was certainly a lot better. The staff were rather courteous and asked me how I wanted my food to be. Mind you, the staff were a bit slow when it came to ordering our meals. However, the restaurant is a rather big one, including a pub as well, so It is forgiveable. I would rate the service a MEDIUM. 


The waiting time was short, taking only the amount of time needed to prepare the food. This allowed good conversation to occur, without the topics being depleted by the time that the food came. The food came on time, prepared properly and ready to eat. I would rank it a WELL DONE. A very tightly run ship, I must admit.


Cleanliness scores a WELL DONE from me. Not really a lot to say, except that there was no obvious warning signs for me to note. They do a good job.


Easily the most disappointing part of the restaurant. The food was good, it was well cooked, and delicious. But my main problem was the portion I was given. I felt that there wasn’t enough food. I ordered an 8 oz Rump steak, with chips. While I got that, I didn’t get enough of it. It scores a MEDIUM.


The Fiveways is a nice, well rounded restaurant with a lot of character, cheerful atmosphere, and a good price tag. However, the staff can be somewhat slow, and the food leaves a lot to be desired. But, for what it is, it offers a great range of meals for everyone to enjoy. If you want somewhere to go for a meal and you’re in Ormskirk, go.

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