This is the first Raise The Steaks I’ve done since moving to the new blog, which is a shame. I like doing them, but as you know, I tend to go to the same restaurants. Today is different, as I review The Glass Horse, a Hungry Horse Chain pub in St. Helens. How does it fare?


Raise The Steaks has four categories, and each category is scored from 0-5:

  • 0/5- Raw
  • 1/5- Blue
  • 2/5- Rare
  • 3/5- Medium
  • 4/5- Well Done
  • 5/5- Very Well Done

The total score is decided based on the mean number of the four categories, and then it is ranked on the score sheet. The higher the score is, the better the overall restaurant experience is. If the score is lower, however, then I would consider visiting somewhere else.


The environment gets a rare from me, or 2 stars. When looking around, the Decor surrounding me looked cheap and nasty, as did the table which seemed to wobble a bit. Lighting was a bit too bright for me as well, and where we sat, the speaker for the music system was playing at us. I did not personally enjoy it. For me, the lighting needs to match the time of day.

At around 4-5pm, the lighting should be brighter, as that’s when you usually have little kids in. When we were in there, around 6pm-8pm, the lights should be dimmed a little. Not to the point of being unable to see things, but to create a mood. 


Service, from my point of view, was about a Medium Rare (2.5). Our servers were no issue, and they seemed nice enough and were as professional as possibly expected. I was let down by the waiting time. While I expect the food to take time to properly cook, the waiting time was a bit too long from what I expected, based on other restaurants. 

As well as this, when I went to buy my brother and I a drink, I was told that the drink I wanted to order was no longer served, despite there being no sign or evidence of this. That sucks.


Because of the environment, my expectations for the cleanliness were pretty low. Cleanliness was poor, and I’d rank it as rare, due to the state of the bathroom. The toilets were not appalling but looked unclean. Therefore, having to use the bathroom was a nightmare. As you can tell, I enjoyed using the toilet.

In my opinion, a good restaurant should clean their bathrooms every hour. If not, don’t expect good food preparation.


Finally, the food. In a sentence, the food was a letdown. I ordered a well done 8 oz steak with chips. They never seem to get the portion of chips right, I had too few for my liking. The steak was rather greasy and fatty. It was, however, cooked to my liking, and I did finish it. When eating steak I prefer lean cuts of meat, so was let down. Although my drink was not watered down my food receives a rare ranking. If this review is supposed to raise the steaks, it has set the bar quite low.


The Glass Horse scores 1.8, making it the joint lowest ranking eatery, alongside The Packet Steamer in Maghull. These reviews are not here to discourage people from eating at places I don’t like, but they are here for caution. Besides, if you’re on a budget, then The Glass Horse is a good investment, despite not raising the steaks.

The Glass Horse is cheap, and you get what you pay for. Therefore, if you want to raise the steaks, I’d suggest going somewhere else, like The Black Horse or the Glass and Bottle Inn.

The Kicking Donkey- 4.8

The Empress Hotel, Isle of Man-4.6

The Glass and Bottle Inn- 4.6

The Slug and Lettuce in York- 4.0

The Black Horse- 3.8

The Trigger Pond- 3.4

The Harvester- 3.2

The Welkin (Spoons)- 3.0

The Manor Inn- 2.75

The Glass Donkey- 1.8

The Packet Steamer- 1.8


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