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Hi guys. Welcome to 2014, And I am back with a lot of new fresh ideas that I’d like to try on the blog, as well as provide the content I usually give you guys. One thing I’d love to try is a new series of posts called Raise the Steaks, I like steak, A lot! Basically, I go to restaurants, I will usually order a steak, and each post will talk about cleanliness, service, waiting time, facilities, as well as the food. I hope it provides you with a good idea of whether you go to a restaurant or not. That being said, my first review will be on The Harvester in Warrington. The rating system is based on the way a steak is cooked:
Very rare: *

Rare: **

Medium: ***

Well done: ****

Very Well Done: *****

The Harvester is UK Restaurant chain with 200 Outlets. We went there as my Mother had a voucher, What did I think? Let’s find out…


The staff themselves seemed friendly and helpful enough, but the overall organisation was not very good. The waiters seemed to be wandering around aimlessly on one side of the restaurant, probably due to the overall design of the interior. Nevertheless, I rate it mediumĀ as the staff themselves were not too bad, which saved them from a rare mark.

Waiting Time

Waiting time was fairly long, so we found ourselves sitting at our table talking for what seemed like an age, asking random questions to pass the time, while almost finishing our drinks. For waiting time, I rate it rare.


If the toilets aren’t clean, then I hate to think what germs are hiding in the food I am about to eat. Fortunately, the toilets were abundant with Toilet paper, while being a bit on the small side. There was free unlimited salad, as well as free refills when a soft drink was ordered. This scores a Well done.


The cleanliness scores a medium, as the place was kept relatively tidy, with a few stains on the tables where people have eaten before our arrival, the toilets were kept fairly clean as well, I would rate it a welldone, but it is minus a few minor points for hair on the plate though. It scores a medium.


I personally enjoyed my steak. It was cooked to the way that I like it, and was enjoyed by me. I must admit though, the chips that were given were too thin for my liking, but were cooked to the way which I think all ships should be cooked, a rich yellow with slight orange. For dessert, I had Ice cream with Toffee sauce. I enjoyed this basic dessert as I was fairly full after my 8 oz rump. Overall, the food earns a well done mark from me.


Overall the Harvester in Warrington scores a medium at 3.2. I did enjoy my food, and the service was fairly good. Cleanliness was kept to an adequate standard and overall facilities were good. However, waiting times were disappointing, the starter my parents had was cold, and overall the organisation could have been improved a bit as well. Would I go back, probably not, the atmosphere was fairly loud due to the amount of children in the place. When I eat at a restaurant, I like a quiet and relaxed atmosphere, I dislike loud pop music playing when I eat or 6 year olds wanting Ice cream. If you have a child with you and you’re hungry, I think you’d be OK with it, but it’s not for me. Let’s hope that they can raise the steaks if I do make a return in the future!

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