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I’ve been doing Raise The Steaks for a long time now, and it is harder and harder to write them, as I tend to go to the same restaurants a lot of the time. There’s only so many times one can review The Micklehead Green. Today, however, I am going to review local Ormskirk Pub ‘The Kicking Doney’ to see how they will raise the steaks.


Environment scores a Very Well Done (5 Stars) from me. With the location of the pub being outside of town, and it being evening time, it was a quiet and calm atmosphere. The pub is decorated with a lot of light colours, and a nice dark carpet. No distractions, such as a television playing sports, or music for that matter. This made the environment very nice.


Service scores another Very Well Done from me. The waitress who served us was very friendly and accommodating to a family of fussy eaters, including myself for that matter. With this being my Uncle’s birthday meal, the staff offered him a glass of prosecco, as well as putting a birthday candle on his food and singing happy birthday, which to me was an act of genius that the waitress came up with. Multiple staff members came to talk to us during our time there, which was very welcome and very nice.


Though I did not check cleanliness tonight, I have previously been to this pub before when I was locked out of my house (indeed, this was down to my own stupidity), and from using the facilities, looking at dishes and cutlery, the place was well kept, and deserves a well done (4 stars). For those who follow this series, I never give 5/5 for cleanliness, as nowhere is ever truly clean, so a 4/5 is a good score.


The final part is, of course, the food. And as far as steaks go, this was one of the best. The food was cooked to a great standard, with some great home cooked chips as a welcome and appreciated side dish. The best part about steak, to me, is when you can taste a certain smokiness to it, from being cooked to the extreme. While it was a subtle taste, it was there, and was done well. This steak gets a Very Well Done, which I feel is very well deserved for a good meal.


The Kicking Donkey scores a 4.8/5, which makes this pub the king of the Raise The Steaks scoreboard, teetering on a perfect ‘Very Well Done’ Score. In a world where more and more, pubs are closing down or are becoming part of the same bland conglomerate and reopen with a Beefeater sign or a Wetherspoons sign above the door, The Kicking Donkey is an example of what you should do with a local pub with a long history. Im not saying that your Beefeaters or your Wetherspoons are bad, but they certainly don’t care about the history or the location of the place. Pubs like that care about the market shares, and profit margins. Pubs like the Kicking Donkey, which was bought by a local man just over a year ago; someone who had worked in Michelin star restaurants, and for people such as Heston Blumenthal, are what people should be doing with local pubs. They shouldn’t be an anachronism, they should raise the steaks.

The Kicking Donkey- 4.8

The Empress Hotel, Isle of Man-4.6
The Glass and Bottle Inn- 4.6
The Slug and Lettuce in York- 4.0
The Black Horse- 3.8
The Trigger Pond- 3.4
The Harvester- 3.2
The Welkin (Spoons)- 3.0
The Manor Inn- 2.75
The Packet Steamer- 1.8



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