Raise The Steaks: The Wheatsheaf Hotel


Two reviews in the same amount of weeks? My, I’ve been wining and dining. It was my Mother’s birthday on the 27th of October, and we visited the village of Ingleton, to see the waterfalls. For dinner, we visited a local pub and B&B, The Wheatsheaf Hotel.


Firstly, the environment. The Wheatsheaf Hotel is situated in the small village of Ingleton, and its cosy environment, complete with fireplace and quirky display pieces, such as typewriters on the window sill, made this place look quirky and very British. As the pub was very busy and quite small, we sat in the dining room, for the B&B. It was a little cold in there, and the seats were somewhat uncomfortable to sit in. However, it was rather quiet, the lighting was subdued, and it was quiet. I’m ranking environment a 3.5 Medium.


Firstly, service was great, though hampered by how busy the pub was. The waiter was very attentive to us, and served us throughout our visit. Waiting time for us was about half an hour to forty minutes, which was long. As stated, however, it is hard to fault the pub for this when it was busy, and service picked up when I had my dessert. Service, on the whole, was good, and I would rank it a solid 4 well done.


I used the facilities at the Wheatsheaf Hotel, and they were well kept. The toilets were clean, as was the restaurant. No sticky tables here, my friends. Furthermore, the cutlery was pristine. I will give this aspect another well done, a 4/5.


Arguably the most important aspect of any restaurant experience. This was my meal:

Steak at the Wheatsheaf Inn
That’s a Steak

The steak was perfectly cooked, and the thick chips were great, and were not greasy or anything. As you can see in the image, the char marks on the steak. Those are the signs of a good steak. As for the taste, this is on par with the one the steak I had at Damon’s. Damon’s had a great steak and all. Any restaurant which can equal or surpass that is on my list for best steaks. The meal scores a full 5, it is very well done.


The Wheatsheaf Hotel scores 4.1, out of a possible 5 overall. This was a darn good steak, and one I would not only recommend to you, but demand that you try. Even if you think that my steak is too well done for your liking. You can always have it pink in the middle. Overall, a great meal and a great independent pub.

I have also changed the scoring slightly. I am including steak rankings as well as the overall rankings so that people who want to judge the restaurant on only the food quality can do so, therefore people who want good food can easily compare places to eat, and that people who still want to know wish to know the overall experience was like can look. Ignore the disparities between both, as some reviews were never shared publicly.


The Kicking Donkey- 4.8

The Empress Hotel, Isle of Man-4.6

The Glass and Bottle Inn- 4.6

The Wheatsheaf Hotel- 4.1

The Slug and Lettuce in York- 4.0

The Black Horse- 3.8

The Trigger Pond- 3.4

The Harvester- 3.2

The Welkin (Spoons)- 3.0

The Manor Inn- 2.75

The Glass Donkey- 1.8

The Packet Steamer- 1.5

Steak Rankings

The Wheatsheaf Hotel- 5.0

The Kicking Donkey- 4.8

The Bottle and Glass Inn- 4.5

The Black Horse- 4.2

The Harvester- 3.4

The Trigger Pond- 3.1

The Welkin- 3.0

The Packet Steamer- 2.8

The Glass Donkey- 2.0

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