Hi peoples, let’s get into this blog thing…

Over the last week I’ve been up to a lot and i will tell you about said things.I went to Rufford Old Hall and Dunham Massey which are two big old houses and i took a lot of pictures there.Rufford is an old tudor house where Shakespeare apparently went to (According to my granddad) and Dunham Massey is an even bigger Georgian house which had DEER.

I went to the Rhyl Sun centre, in Wales! If you’re a lad whose single, check out the girl’s bikinis from the eating areas.It was very stuffy there and i got out of pool an hour before the others did because i couldn’t be bothered with it (i was too warm).

I also went to the theme park Camelot, and i did a thing.I went on 3 Roller coasters to try and overcome a fear. The first one was good, the second one hurt my side and the third sent me flying right and left.I then went on the Teacups and threw up.Always a good thing to do.

Next week i will be in Blackpool, or Chavland, to do cool thinks, like look at mannequins, go into towers, walk on a promenade. And…That’s all i know.

I’ll write soon, ta ta lovelies.

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