Today was my brother’s school’s Christmas fair.So i went there to see my old Primary School, and it got me thinking about the glorious days of my early youth.

I started at the school in the year 2000 (in the nursery) and finished in 2008.And a lot has changed since i have left (as you probably expect).

Things have been moved, teachers have left (sadly one of them, Miss Green, died from cancer. But she has a memorial bench and an award named after her), staff i knew as student teachers are now fully fledged teachers and the classrooms have changed (the numbers, now the year and the name of the teacher eg ‘4A’.).

Some things haven’t changed though, the uniforms, the building (well nothing drastic), and  green roof, which has bugged me seeing how he school’s primary Colour is Maroon and the roof i green and the handles on the ramps are yellow!

Being back in the school brought back memories, the office (i used to be very unfocused, so the office staff took me to the office which has since moved and turned into a 1st aid room), my old school friends, and some of the stuff on the walls, though out of date, reminded me of people and things.

This visit to the school, including remembering things with my friend Rebecca, has made me feel nostalgic, and i hope i keep fond memories from the school i’m at now.

Anyway, i am done.If you want, here’s a challenge, try and remember 10 things about your primary school, stories, people, teachers and tell me.I remember my teacher Mrs Volk teaching us German, und ich habe Deutsch gelernt 8 Jahre.Tschüs


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