Robin Williams DEAD?


I was up fairly late last night, and I was on Facebook. And I saw someone post up the story that the Comedian/Actor Robin Williams had committed suicide. I didn’t believe the news at first, and I franticly searched for news sources to make sure the news was true. It was.

I have watched many of Williams’ films. I remember one of the first films I watched was Mrs Doubtfire. It is one of those films I feel that you can watch again and again. When I was younger, I was drawn into the slapstick of a man dressing like a woman and trying to hide it from his family. Then watching it again now, I was more drawn into the more adult themes. This was a man whose wife was divorcing him, and he was a man who desperately wanted to be with his kids. If I had one complaint about that film is that the wife only seems to divorce him fairly suddenly. I think they could have gone into the reasons why in a larger depth, but it is a kid’s film.

I also remember watching the Bicentennial man as well. It’s a film I rewatched recently and looking back at it, it was fairly dark. It was about a robot who develops sentience. I am a big sci-fi nut so that is the sort of stuff I like to think will happen eventually. And during the film, the robot (played by Williams) develops his humanity over the 200 years he lived. Those are just two of the films Williams has starred in. There’s plenty more I could talk about.

Robin Williams suffered from depression. It is said he had Bipolar disorder and drug and alcohol problems. Something I notice about many comedians is that many of them have terrible lives or have suffered depression. Williams is the second comedian to die this year, after Rik Mayall. I feel that this death is more shocking, as it was known Rik had health problems which could come back to haunt him (and they did), Williams’ death is more shocking, as it was believed that his condition was stable and he had it under control. Robin Williams will be remembered for his comedic genius and talents. He is survived by his wife and children. RIP.


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